Monday, August 9, 2010

Love From The DR 2

This is what I received today from the Mission President in the DR.

August 9, 2010

Dear Brother and Sister Williams:

Your son, Elder Blake Williams, continues to progress and is becoming an effective missionary. He has demonstrated dedication, obedience, and love of his companions and the people here in the Dominican Republic. He is respected by me and by his peers.

Now the Lord has called your son to be a District Leader. In this position he will have a responsibility for several other missionaries. He will also conduct interviews to determine if baptismal candidates are prepared to make sacred covenants with their Father in Heaven. In my opinion, this is the responsibility we place on these young men that is most beyond their natural abilities; they must come to know the hearts of those they interview. These interviews can only be done well if the interviewer seeks and receives help from the Lord. This responsibility will stretch your son in a good way. Please continue to pray that he will fulfill his responsibilities and expand his abilities.

We truly feel a great love for your son. We pray for the Lord’s blessings upon you for all you have done, and are now doing, to help him be an effective servant.


Miguel Lee

Mission President


Nichole said...

How awesome! Can't think of a better gift to receive!

Wendi said...

That is so wonderful. It is amazing how far these boys can reach. The Lord knows them and He will stretch them every day. Good job mom and dad

tamy scheurn said...

Nothing better than a letter from your sons Mission President! I loved all those letters from my boys Mission Presidents! I still have them all! It is a feeling you can not describe when you have a son out in the field!One minute you are so happy and then the next minute you just long to hold your son! It is a huge blessing to be a missionary is like having a new baby when you think your baby is the cutest baby in the world and when you have a great missionary you know for sure that your son is by far the best missionary in the world! It sounds like Blake is going to sprint to the end! We are proud of him as well!

Erica Nine said...

Wow, what amazing news. I bet you are so proud of him!

Material Girl said...

The only thing better than celebrating our accomplishments is celebrating the accomplishments of our children. Well Done.