Monday, August 16, 2010

Insomnia in PARIS

Insomnia in Paris .... oh dang it he snuck up on me. I can't make a blanket, onsies, or burp clothes, I can't read my scriptures in another room so I'll sit on the toilet with the lid down and blog. My heart really is full, I am so grateful for my husband and the efforts he went to make this trip happen. I walk around this beautiful city most of the time either with a smile on my face that will not go away or with huge tears in my eyes in dis-belief that I am actually here with the most romantic and thoughtful man in the world. I don't want to slow him down, he is so excited to show me every square mile of this remarkable place where he served his mission so many years ago. My neuropathy is really bad and I am in constant pain, to top it off I forgot my neuropathy meds and I am trying to control the pain with something else, it takes the edge off but by the time we get back to our hotel at night I can hardly walk. I need Tamy ... my personal nurse ... and sweet friend for advice. Tomorrow Eric said we are going to take the train a lot so that will help, I think we walked about 15 miles today, if it were a year ago and I was in better health that would be nothing, but I have to remember my new way of life is slower paced (for now anyway) and that its ok to take some breaks and sit when I need to. Since I've known Eric he has always been about 15-20 steps ahead of us all, at disneyland the kids and I laughed because we were always afraid he wass the one who was going to get lost. My anxiety levels are high, I am excited and really don't want to miss anything but I know if I can't sleep it will be bad tomorrow, the fear of not being able to sleep is harder than ectually trying to sleep...does that make any sense? This morning I am praying the Lord will help me get the much needed sleep I need.


Tom Scheurn said...

I want you both to know that I am Freekin jealous!!! You both deserve this trip so much. Based on the pictures looks like you are staying very busey!In one way or another???Happy Anniversary!! Love The Scheurn's

Marilyn said...

Maybe on the train you can relax and sleep… but then there is just too much to see....the dread of not sleeping makes your mind work overtime...and then you can't sleep..I need to teach you how to crochet an edging around a little burp cloth or can take it with you when you travel…but the sleep/mind/dread cycle is a vicious circle.

I can almost smell Paris in my mind......there is some diesel, some food smells.... and some moisture in the air....with greenness mixed is hard to is an urban smell...with something extra in it...but it is is not exactly a beautiful smell…but it is not a bad is Paris...have you found the flower stands on the corners? We bought tulips in the spring and took them back to our pretty...and they added another wonderful smell...I love Paris!

So happy for you two! My love is flowing your way this morning...and enjoying this trip with you!