Sunday, July 25, 2010

To Do List

I was going to call it a bucket list but I was thinkin' that makes it sound like I think I might die soon, and I don't. So it is going to just be my 'TO DO" LIST..... things I would like to do before I die ..... someday, they are in no particular order and I realize over the years it may change but for today in 2010 this is it:

1. Go to Paris With Eric long dream he took the girls a few years ago (daddy daughter trip)
2. Take my entire family to Nauvoo
3. Serve a mission with Eric
4. Visit Savannah Georgia and eat at Paula Deans restaurant
5. Run a Marathon
6. Give more than I have been given (not sure if this is even possible)
7. Write a book (another life long dream)
8. Learn to play tennis (I don't even know the rules)
9. Learn to use my camera on manual
10. Attend the Olympics (anywhere)
11. Live long enough to see Recker Get baptized
12. I have always wanted to go to Tahiti ...i think BORA BORA will do


Angela Brian said...

wow. what a great TO DO LIST!

weird how, 'eat sushi with angie' wasn't on there... must be a typo.

no seriously tho,
great list!


Nichole said...

I like your to do list. I have some of those same goals. Maybe we should take a photography class together. I am wanting to work on that this year.

tamy scheurn said...

OK!! let me tell you you better make a longer to-do list! because you have at least another 40 years left so... you might want to keep thinking of what else you want to do!!! I think you should add go to the moutains and stay in a cabin for one month just you and me!!! No phones! you can drink hot white chocolate and I can have a coffee with a little Bailys in it!I know I would love that!Love you sweet girl!

Kristi & Austin said...

love that you made a list- i was just told that when you write things down like that you will more than likely really make them happen...and in your case I know how determined you are and they will. You Rock!