Friday, July 30, 2010

It's all about timing.

My visit with the doctor on Wednesday has so far paid off in the sleep catagory, the past 2 nights I have slept really well, but I don't want to rely on drugs to help me sleep again, that was a nightmare to get myself off of those.... however last night I dreamed of running again, my son in law Brian was my trainer (hee hee) and I have to say in my dream he was a good trainer and pushed me hard, running bleachers he was a meanie !!! Funny that I dream of running again, I always hate starting anything ... a diet, working, cleaning, and a new workout. I was training for a marathon when I was diagnosed, a life long dream of mine to run a marathon and I had planned it for October of 2009. When that day came and went I mourned it, I had worked so hard and felt like for once in my life I was going to finish something I started. Now I can think of it again, my plan is to run in October of 2011, my son Blake will be home from his mission and he asked me to not run it until he gets home, it's perfect timing I won't be ready until then anyway. I'm hoping to be able to start running again in January, if all goes well with my next surgery and recovery it should be the perfect time, anyone want to join me?
The good Lord has a way of making my mournings and difficult times work themselves out, its all about timing. I will run that marathon, and when I finish it's going to be a milestone for me, extremely emotional and a step forward in my new way of life. I won't let the VILLAIN get the best of my dreams, I have too many things to do.


Anonymous said...

Hey Monya! It's Kassie again, I would love to run a marathon with you. Write me back