Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Love From The DR

I love Wednesdays when I can stalk my emails waiting to hear from Blake, today he sent these pictures and said he is so happy. He is now in his 10th month and the language is great, he is able to communicate very well with the people. His new companion does not know any English so he is looking forward to getting spanish mastered even better the next 6 weeks. It makes my heart happy to know he is doing what he wants to do right now.

Elder Williams (Blake) and his new companion Elder Miranda

Elder Williams (Blake) and Darlin at his baptism

Elder Miranda, Arlyne and Elder Williams

Members who came to the baptism

Darlin and his Familia


Wendi said...

I love being a mom with a missionary. It rocks. He looks so happy there. Good job Elder Williams keep up the good work, any word on your baby boys results yet? Just wondering.

tamy scheurn said...

Can you say.... "Cutie-Pa-Tootie"!!! I LOVE the picture of him in his whites with all the people sitting around him! One thing the church does not teach us moms about is....when you send your son out to serve the Lord for two years, it is one of the hardest things a mom can do but... the crazy part of it is... it is also two years of pure joy to watch them serve and to see them grow and see them so happy!!