Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dr. Peter Kreymerman explains Capsular Contrature

Ok so I admit I know nothing about medical terms. When Dr. Kreymerman explained to me what Capsular Contrature was, I just put it in the back of my head and thought "I have no idea what he is talking about" Last night was another long night of insomnia, even after taking my meds to help me sleep I still couldn't sleep, I google searched Capsular Contrature. I saw the scariest pictures I have ever seen of women who had mastectomy's and recon surgery gone wrong, it made me even more grateful for Dr. Kreymerman. My breasts have been so tight and hard and it is very painful, the pain never goes away. I always feel so bad when my grandson tries to lay his head on my chest and he can't because it's too hard, I'm afraid he might hit his head on them and get hurt ha ha
Dr. Kreymerman explained to me that radiation can cause them to harden, he will fix it during my next surgery, of coarse he will, he can do it all.
Ok so what I found out about Capsular Contrature, its when a capsule forms, which is comprised of fibrous tissue.
in some people, the capsule will tighten, and squeeze the expander. This makes the breast feel hard, and distorts the appearance of the breast. In the later stages, the expander feels very firm, and may take on a "ball-like" look.
I like to be educated on what is going on with my body, but I have such a weak stomach, I searched over 50 websites last night some of them showing actual surgery and cutting it made me sick.


tamy scheurn said...

Bon Bon~ if it not hard TaTas they are either to droopy, to flat, one bigger, one smaller, they both to small or to big! I could go on... I have heard it all! BELEIVE me!!! I think about me and mine... the peace i get is... one day they will be perfect again!!! don't forget the R.H.N.C.!!! love you sweet girl!!