Thursday, June 19, 2014

Finally Surgery on the Calendar

Dr. Hamberkamp
This morning I had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Haberkamp for a pre-op appointment and to talk about all the drama yesterday.  He is such a nice man, always happy and most importantly optimistic about reconnecting those nerves in my face.  I guess time will tell, but I still love his positive outlook and optimism.  I truly believe in positive mental attitude, I have been working on my own body to try and get some results.  If I tell my body to do something for long enough I believe my brain will do it.  Sounds crazy, however, being positive and optimistic is better than the opposite, even if no results happen I will still be happy.  Why?  because I choose to be happy.

Dr. Haberkamp looked in my ear and could see some crystallization, which means it's healthy tissue, I have worked really hard to get some healthy tissue with Bacitracin and my $100 bottle of antibiotic. 
Essentially what he said is having the blood is OK, we don't want to lose too much blood and I can't afford to buy new clothes everyday, but it shows him that there is HOPE in the fact that tissue is alive.
Surgery is set for July 3rd.  To keep my ear from bleeding anymore the doctor put a coagulant in my ear, it will stay until surgery. It feels like slime, but I think this is the best my ear has looked in a long time.

That white is the coagulant
 I have labs and I'm assuming more appointments before my surgery, so I will be staying in Cleveland until then.  Counting my blessings today--so happy for too many things to count. 


Anonymous said...

Prayers, hugs and positive thoughts with lots of love going your way. Happy that you have a date and some answers you have needed. Keep rockin Cleveland!

Anonymous said...

Yes, keep rockin' Cleveland. You might want to visit The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, which is in Cleveland. :-)