Monday, June 9, 2014

Another Day at the Cleveland Clinic

This morning, I called the doctors office as soon as they opened, I was greeted already aware of my situation.  She said Dr, Bernard is working on getting this on the surgery schedule,  bringing three doctors in on the surgery is harder than it sounds.  I received a call to see another doctor on Thursday.  In the earliest time frame I will be having surgery on Tuesday--one more week here.  This hotel is not cheap, it is most definitely convenient, if the hospital or doctors offices call it literally takes me 5 minutes to get there, without having to go outside.  Walking through the hotel, and hospital all I see is doctors in white coats--their everywhere.

It is a bright sunny day today and I want to get out for some fresh air. I do not have a car, I just stay at the hotel waiting for a doctor to call and say "surgery time" Today I was a little disappointed wanting to get this over with, my anxiety level is on high alert.

I spoke with Kathleen from Dr. Barr's office to update her on what is happening here--she was so sweet and reassured me that she and Dr. Barr's only want the best care for me, I let her know I have been praying, friends and family are praying, and I feel good right now about being at the Cleveland Clinic.   She wished me luck and told me to let them know what is happening. That phone call was hard for me I never want to offend or hurt anyone else's feelings and I have a feeling to get a 2nd, 3rd or 4th opinion like I have has got to at least make Dr. Barr's feel bad, and that makes me sad.  However, the most important outcome for me is the doctor who can give me the best results for a long lasting look, every doctor I have spoken to has told me the process Dr. Barr's wants to do is not the best option, it is a great solution for someone who is 80 or older, it's a temporary fix.  This process we are trying to organize here in Cleveland is much more advanced and will give better results in the long run--it will mean more surgeries, but when it's all said and done it will be a better option for me.

Today--no surgery date yet --- more sitting in the hotel waiting--tomorrow I will call the office again, hopefully answers will come tomorrow.  Tonight my legs are hurting, it;s going to be a restless night.