Thursday, September 23, 2010

Warm Fuzzies

Last year when I was diagnosed with breast cancer it didn't take long for the word to spread. We were inundated with cards, letters, flowers and gifts from neighbors, family and friends. I tried so hard to keep up with thank you cards but realized before too long that there was no way I would be able to thank everyone. It's been almost a year since my mastectomy, it was the week before General Conference which is always the 1st weekend in October. The surgeon came in my room 2 days after my surgery and told me that the VILLAIN had spread and that I would need another surgery, I remember looking at Eric with tears in both of our eyes I asked if it would be ok if I went home for the weekend and came back, she agreed that it would be good for me to go home for a few days. That weekend I watched every session of Conference from my bed in my bedroom. One of the talks that touched me and also was an answer to prayers was a talk given by Thomas S. Monson, he showed a picture of a jar much like the one I have here on my blog, he explained about a Primary President who had sent this to him, the jar was filled with warm fuzzies. The warm fuzzies were collected by the Primary children in her ward, every week when they came to primary if they had done a service for someone they were allowed to put a warm fuzzy in the jar. After one year the jar was full. I loved that idea so much, I decided to start putting a warm fuzzy in my own jar everytime someone did a service for our family. I didn't tell anyone about it, I just did it, now here it is a year later and my jar is full, in more ways than one. We have been blessed with friends, neighbors and family members who have served us, to all of you I say "Thank You" I keep this jar on my dresser in my bedroom where I can see it everyday and never forget. We have some really good doorbell ditchers in our neighborhood, so many times we would open the door to see a jar of salsa and chips, or some type of treat but no one to claim the service... I could see children running down the street hoping not to get caught... parents are teaching their children to serve others without recognition, I love it.
This jar of warm fuzzies represent all of the people who have given un-selfishly this past year as they have served our family, our family loves you and will never forget, we feel your love.