Wednesday, September 22, 2010

He's been out ONE year ♥

I love hearing from my missionary son, he entered the MTC one year ago today. So that means he will be home in one year yay !!!
Oh how I miss his smiling face and cute sense of humor, he always has a good attitude and never talks badly about other people I love those qualities in him. He is serving in Santiago now, he loves the area and the people. I can see how the Lord is refining him and molding him into an amazing missionary. I am overwhelmed with emotions when I think about how much he, as well as our family has been blessed in the past year. This experience he is having will help him be a better husband and father some day. I love the spirit I feel when I read his emails, he loves the people he is serving and I wonder how hard it will be for him to leave them when the time comes.