Thursday, September 16, 2010

Then the Guilt took over ....

Ok, so today I got productive and made like a million Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies, click here and scroll down for the recipe. I got all the ingredients from Walmart got them all out and ready while Recker was taking a nap this morning, when I pulled out the oil it smelled rancid..... wow that was disgusting. I have not baked anything for so long the oil went bad, and I had to run to Walmart again and get oil, it's a little frustrating to have everything you need but one ingredient. I told Eric (who was laying with Recker... so cute) that I needed to go get oil then he said to me "are you going to eat any of these cookies?" of course I said "no" he quickly replied "then why bother making them?" I thought about that question while I was running through Walmart, I think I want to bake something for my family, just because I am not eating sugar and flour does not mean they need to go without. RIGHT? besides I love to bake and I feel like it's that time of year, I missed out on it last year. They smelled so good baking in the oven, I could not resist ..... I did eat one and it tasted so good to me, then the guilt took over and I was done. I have this love/hate relationship with the NO SUGAR NO FLOUR thing. I love that my body feels clean and renewed, I hate that I love the delicious combinations you can create with sugar and flour, I am such a baked goods girl.
It wore me out making all those cookies, my body is not what it used to be and I wonder if it ever will be again.

Oh yeah, and some people have asked about my recipes ..... when you open my blog if you click on the button that says cookbook it will take you to my recipes, I now have almost 1,000 recipes on there. I love that my girls can get a recipe whenever they need one, it's been so fun.


Michelle said...

That's it. Now I have to go make pumpkin cookies too. Only my problem is that I won't have your self control to only eat one. I'm so impressed that you are not eating flour and sugar. That would be hard!

Marilyn said...

Monya...Steve is diabetic..yes, I am fat, but he is diabetic..go figure...anyway he can't have sugar...but we use something called XGave is sweeter than sugar, it metabloizes can use it to make sweet things...I have made maple syrup, apple crisps, cheesecake..and various other can pick it up down there....check online..or I know the preparedness store that is by the Desseret Store just on Mesa you exit the Temple on 1st a little strip mall...has it. I put some in my cocoa the other morning and I didn't measure was way too might want to mess around with it. Can you use 100% whole wheat flour? I have mom's pancake recipe using only whole wheat and they are light as a feather....and then you use the Xgave and add mapeline to it and Voila....syrup....let me know...being a fat girl...I know all the ways to get around dietary restrictions and still eat good! ha, ha....I am comfortable with my you,mm