Friday, January 31, 2014

Religious Hijacking

It seems religion has been hijacked....ha ha.  But seriously, I was thinking about this a lot today.  So many people claim to be religious. To have compassion and love for everyone, no matter what their beliefs are, is what Jesus taught. He admonished all of us to care for one another in sickness, loneliness and grief.
I don't every remember it being said Jesus will only Atone for the sins of those who are Mormon, Catholic or whatever religion others may fit into.  He Atoned for ALL our sins, ALL the sins of he human race, not those who belong or have been baptized into a certain religious group of people. I can truly say, I love most everyone I meet, it does not matter what their background or religious belief.  A few weeks ago a friend asked if she could give me a healing blessing for my ear and cancer issues, I was thrilled to have her anoint my face with her Turkish oil and put her hands on my head to bless me with healing.  We spoke for awhile after and she and I agreed all prayers or blessings are according to not only our faith, but also to what the Lord's will is.  We both agree on this.

 I find that so many people hide behind their religious beliefs, but forget to live what they believe.  If we are all trying to live a little more like Jesus and gain attributes of Christ in our lives, I believe we should be supporting and loving one another as He did.  There is this misconception about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in my opinion and from what I have seen those people who have a pure heart and want to achieve the attributes of Christ, do not worry about other religious believes they LIVE WHAT THEY BELIEVE and it shows in their everyday lives, it is simply a part of who they are, it is sincere and pure.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, no one will ever walk into an LDS church service from here to the other side of the world and hear them speak evil or badly of what other churches believe in, or to stay away from them--it is quite the opposite.  An invitation is given to ALL who want to know what we truly believe and LIVE, with no pressure to get baptized, we just want people to understand why we believe like we do.  We understand that not all are going to understand, or choose to believe the books or the sermon they hear at Sunday worship.  The bottom line for me is, how you treat people, how you show your attributes of Christ in your everyday life, those are the people I want to surround myself with, no matter if you are a member of the LDS church or any other,  just stand behind what you believe and LIVE it daily.

Giving service and showing compassion towards others means taking yourself down off your throne and putting the other person on the throne, forget yourself and fall into the arms of others.  I tried an experiment some time ago, where I  decided no matter what the circumstances I was going to try and put myself in the other shoes, try to understand why they were acting out, upset or angry.  In every instance it was something that was controllable and I never saw a reason for them taking it out on others, however, we are all made up of different ways of communication and need to be taught, slowly, compassionately, and in a non judgemental way we are all Heavenly Father's children and He loves us all the same.