Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cowboy Recker at Angel Acres

I will forever be grateful to this pretty lady Heidi.  I met her Saturday, she is the reason Recker is attending Angel Acres Horse Therapy in Queen Creek.  I love her for responding to one of the blog's I posted about Recker.  I love her for her sweet smile and encouraging words.

To Heidi I want to say this, I was moved in several different ways when I met you Saturday. My heart was pounding when you approached me, I was not sure what to expect as lately  I have been criticized for MY WAY of blogging. There have been many times I have wondered if keeping my blog open to the public is what I want to do, and considered going private so that only my family would have access to it.  If Heidi had not read my blog I doubt Recker would be having the time of his life riding horses every Saturday.  From Kayla and Jeremy they say  thank you also.  We will be keeping Recker at Angel Acres for as long as Marty is continuing to amaze us with her  love and generosity to these children. 

 Heidi has been following my blog for several years, and the things she shared with me on Saturday about my blog and the inspiration she has gotten, filled my heart and was exactly what I needed to hear--I know the Lord intervened --as I have said many times, and I know many of you do not agree with my way of doing things, and that's OK, but this is MY JOURNEY, whether I write about the good times or the bad, I will not be going private anytime soon.  I respectfully ask you not to read my blog or send me your negative and hurtful emails.  I am certainly not a  professional writer, this is just my life and I want my children and grandchildren to know my world, my life,  my understanding and perspective and all the wonderful things it can offer, and the people who they can touch with words of encouragement.  Life is always going to have ups and downs, mountains and boulders to climb, for EVERYONE, we were meant to come to this earth and experience those, whether they be health issues, family struggles, financial etc.....they can and do touch lives, none of us are perfect and I am the 1st to say this about myself. 5 Years ago I would of never shared any part of my past life, now I choose to share, you may not and that is perfectly OK, but please do not hurt me while you are experiencing YOUR JOURNEY. 

 While I am talking about this subject, and I hope this is the last time I have to before I start blocking people-- I have kept so much to myself for so many years this blog has allowed me to heal, to find some peace in my life.  Three years ago I received  emails from 3 different women who were struggling with Breast Cancer, searching the web and found my blog,  the question they each asked me was "how do you have so much faith?" they all wanted to know more about how I choose to worship.  I was able to send the missionaries from the LDS church to these women's homes so they could learn more about what I believe and know to be true.  

One woman was from Oklahoma, one from South Carolina, and the other from New Jersey.  I contacted the missionaries from the LDS church in their areas, all of them allowed the missionaries into their homes to answer questions they had about the LDS religion.  I still am in contact with 2 of the women.  The woman from New Jersey was baptized along with her entire family, a year later went to the Temp;e to be sealed together for time and eternity. I recently received an email from her saying she was called to be the Relief Society President in her ward and her husband is serving in the bishopric, her daughter is active in Seminary and will be graduating and going on a mission at the end of the year. her son is on his mission now.  So the other women didn't get baptized, I love them for allowing me the opportunity to open up my circle of friendships and learn more about what they believe in--I love hearing from people.  I can't even count the many times I have had wonderful people of other religious beliefs ask if they can pray for me, or have even given me blessings, I LOVE IT--we all believe in the same God and have faith in the same God-He hears and answers prayers according to our faith in Him, no matter what or how you choose to worship.
This is the beautiful Heidi-I met her for the 1st time
Saturday--the little guy is Ezra my 2nd grandson
About a year ago I was contacted through my blog by Heidi, she asked me if Kayla and Jeremy would be interested in getting Recker into Horse therapy.  I talked it over with them, and Kayla of course already knew quite a bit about it.  I knew only one friend who has a niece with Autism who had done the horse therapy and she said it was great.  Heidi said there would be a waiting list and she wanted permission to put Recker's name on the list. Quite honestly, I had forgotten about it, until I got a phone call from Marty the woman in Queen Creek who runs this beautiful Angel Acres ranch.  We spoke for quite awhile on the phone discussing some of Recker's sensory issues, and the fact that he is 4 and non-verbal.  Marty assured me she had seen it all, and that Recker was not going to particularly like the helmet but that it is a requirement for all children who ride at Angel Acres.  Here we are a year later and at his 1st lesson, you can see by the pictures he was not a happy camper, he screamed, oh how he screamed.  Jeremy was so patient, with a smile on his face the entire time, so happy and proud of Recker.  I am glad Jeremy was there I think Recker is just about as strong as Jeremy, and did not mount this horse or ride quietly, Jeremy is the ONLY  one who could of kept him from jumping off and running.
Recker was so upset about that helmet
We Love Floyd--so nice and calm with Recker
Recker meeting Floyd--and learning
to brush the hair

Daddy and Recker mounting Floyd 1st time

Angel Acres has a little party every 6 weeks
for the children. Today happened to be
the 2nd (graduation 6th week party) for him.
They have a camera person taking pictures
every week and give the parents this
book filled with the 6 week progression of
Today Recker, rides the horse with no one having to ride with him.  He does not cry, he does well with the helmet, in fact has come out of his bedroom with a hat on, so the sensory issues are getting better...well I guess I should say they come and go, but he is loving riding and loving the horses.  He even got to gallop a little this week.  I am so grateful to Heidi for contacting me.
when it's all said and done
Recker and Daddy walk off
holding hands--♥


Anonymous said...

Without knowing the negative comments you are receiving, may I say ?: I think your modeling of openness, firmness, and tact in handling such feedback will give your descendents much, important information about the kind of person you are/were.

Anonymous said...

Don't stop blogging. You have touched and helped more than you will ever know. I am sorry that people feel the need to hurt others. You display kindness, love, gratitude and strength. Your blogs are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I think your blog, your story, your life is very interesting. Keep speaking how you feel. You are not doing anything wrong. You are sharing a wealth of info and I respect you for it. God bless

Shannon Williams said...

Continue to be who you are and don't worry about the rest. Your thoughts and feelings are yours and by sharing your knowledge and testimony, you lift others. We love you!