Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Gilbert Temple

Saturday January 18th, 2014

We were able to have the whole family, with the exception of
Kayla, Jeremy, Recker and Ezra.

We had the privilege to tour the new Gilbert Temple on the evening of the 1st day of public viewing before the Temple is closed to the public.  The LDS community as well as those of other faiths have been patiently waiting for almost 4 years for this Temple to be finished and ready for viewing.
I thought every room was beautiful and loved how they themed it around the Agave plant. This is more than a beautiful building it is a sacred and Holy place for worthy LDS members to pray and get answers.  I have always told my children, there is no place more beautiful than the Temple to be married.  We have been blessed to have all of our children make the choice to be sealed to their husbands and Blake to Chloe.  Those weddings, each one of them will always be in my heart, I will never forget seeing these cute couples enter the sealing rooms together as friends, and leave as not only  friends, but now as husband and wife.  When Haleigh and Scott were married we were fortunate to have the entire family there to witness their beautiful eternal promises to each other.

Tears filled my eyes when we visited the baptismal font, oh so many memories I have as a youth baptizing in proxy, with my ear issues I was only ever allowed to do one or two names, fortunate for me I have those names written in my journal, and I hope to meet those people one day when I leave this life--if they chose to except the Gospel I know I will see them and search for them.

I personally have never visited another building that has brought more spiritual joy to my heart than the Temple of the Lord.  Many of my answers to prayers have been in the Temples of the Lord.  I'm grateful to have Gospel in my life, and I am living proof that miracles happen when we stay close to the Lord and do our best to  live as he did.  I have so much to learn, and am looking forward to volunteering at this Temple.  I wish I could have time stand still so everyone of my friends LDS or not could come and feel of the spirit in this beautiful Temple.  Eric and I have many opportunities to visit Temples around the world, but something special is happening here in Gilbert, this is the most beautiful of all the Temples I have ever had the opportunity to visit.


Anonymous said...

I live, literally, in the shadow of the new temple. It is very beautiful, especially the windows.