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Taking those Bucket lists Seriously Day 1, 2 7 3 PapeetašŸš©

When I finished my radiation and chemo, Dr. Northfelt said it was time for us to get started on the things left on my "bucket list" while I was feeling better--1st and foremost I want you to know I have learned through this journey although having the ability to fly to places I would love to see before I die has truly been remarkable, we could of never done any of this traveling if I was not working for the best company in the World US Airways.  They have gone out of their way to help me while I was out of work for a year and a half by calling or emailing me, to see how I was doing, and also to remind me to get my paper work into the corporate offices in time so that I would not lose any of my medical benefits.  Eric and I have truly enjoyed being able to go to some wonderful places in the world, but I want my children to know, THEY ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT, THEY ARE THE #1 on my bucket list.  This last trip I journaled everyday, and I saw a pattern as I read it back--everyday I said I missed my children and grandchildren and wished they could enjoy this time with us.

On 8/21/13 We arrived in Papeeta Tahiti via Los Angels nonstop on Air Tahiti Nui, who Us Airways has an agreement with, this means we fly by paying taxes only--we were exhausted and stayed at the nearest hotel next to the Airport.

Day 1 8/22/13 Papeete they now have 20 buildings, and 20 stakes with 16,000 members the gospel is strong here on this Island.
Papeeta Temple
Papeeta Tahiti, we woke up had prayer went to breakfast then took our $100 a day car (Eric was kinda upset about that price)  We wanted to see the Temple and dressed to go enter and do some service while we were there.  We were tempted to go to the other side of the Island to watch the Billabong Surf competition that was going on but I insisted I wanted to go to the Temple, so off we went to try and find it--not such an easy thing to do.we followed directions and felt like we were going in circles, finally I spotted Moroni on the top of the Temple we followed, quickly got out of the car and were greeted by members telling us the Temple just had its last session and we would have to come back at either 4,5 6 or 7.  We made the decision to see the Island and come back to make the last session.  Ok, I love my husband but anyone who has driven with him knows he is not the best driver, I feared for my life a few time, going down one way roads huh the wrong way-- We decided we had plenty of time to go to the surf competition and be back in time for the 7 o'clock session. We drove the ocean in view the entire time, oh what beauty we saw.  When we arrived we found out the surf competition had ended early, 2 days early.  So all that frustration for nothing.  We took a walk through what looked like backyards of people and enjoyed the scenery.

Water lillies

loved the tree over the walkway

As we walked I took a moment to notice
this rock shaped like a heart
Oh if these trees could talk...Eric looks so
small in comparison--

finally we had our nutella, banana and coconut crepe
We headed back to the other side of the Island to make it in time for the 7 pm session, this was important because we were told the Temple was closing for cleaning, so this was something I really wanted to do, and it was perfect timing for us.  Eric and I laughed because we had to find a dark area to park in so we could change into proper Sunday dress, we were in our shorts and beachwear, Eric said "I think this is the only time I have every gotten down to my underwear, in my car, with my wife and in the Temple parking lot"  it was funny.  We were greeted like Kings and Queens as we entered this beautiful sacred building.  The spirit was so strong, I was not sure I would be able to get through without tears.  The Sisters in the Temple were so happy to see us, and helped me along as I did not know exactly where to go inside every Temple the layout is a little different, and this is a small Temple.
After I dressed, I was taken into a room filled with sisters, a Tahitian woman greeted me with a kiss on each cheek and said "welsome, Yo rah na" This women I will never forget, her hair was stark white, her skin perfectly angelic, and her eyes were the radiant caribbean blue, never in my life do I remember seeing someone as beautiful as her inside and out, with the exception of Viola Williams.  I cannot remember her name, but she asked me where I was from when I told her I was born and raised in Glendale/Phoenix area of Arizona, she smiled and said "I was born here in Tahiti, I met my husband when he served his mission here, he came back after his mission and we were married, I then moved to Glendale and raised our 4 children there, later we were called to serve missions here, when we returned from our mission we decided to move back to Tahiti and my husband was called to the Temple President" sadly he passed away 5 years ago and she moved back to Glendale to live with her brother, then she was called to a Temple serving mission in Tahiti--I could tell she was truly a servant of the Lord by her spirit.  I was totally surprised when she asked one of the sisters who speaks english to escort me and help me through, this sister told me that the white headed woman was 86 years old, this was astonishing to me.  I watched as each sister kissed eachother on the cheek as they greeted one another--I LOVE THIS TRADITION-the men do it with the women and the men also with the the men,it is part of their culture and warmed my heart as they each did this with me, I began to get teary before we had even left the dressing room--WOW the spirit was strong for me tonight, this I needed to do and I am glad I did.  I could feel Eric's mom and dad's spirit there with me, what comfort they brought to my soul, oh how I miss them and love them.  I wish I could get advice from Vi, even though I know she would tell me to get on my knees, I also know that she is the one person who would understand exactly what I am feeling, she died of breast cancer--I need her right now, but her spirit is telling me to rely on the Lords answers, not the Doctors, or even other members of the church, just listen to the spirit and he will guide me.  There was a woman who walked in with a bald head, and a white scarf covering her head, she was going through chemo, I remember President Greer once calling the Temple to ask about me being able to attend with the white scarf-- I watched as this woman was greeted like every other one of us with a kiss on each cheek. I thought that was PERFECT.  After the session I was waiting for Eric in the foyer, the Temple President came out to greet me and said "Yo raw  na, welcome, we heard you were coming from the mainland, thank you for being here" Tears filled my eyes, he asked "what troubles you sister?"  I replied "nothing, I am grateful to be here, right now, and on this night, the spirit has been strong and questions for me have been answered" He hugged me and said "The Lord is good, he answers ALL"  Tonight as we drove back to the hotel, I told Eric, "I finally get it," "what?" was his reply "I finally understand the love and compassion your mother had for the polynesian culture, she was one with them, and your brother Kurt who served his mission here,  he had such a hard time when he came home, his mother was really the only one who could comfort him." It's difficult to understand, even my own son had a hard time returning from the Dominican Republic because he loved the service he did and the people he loved.  With Kurt it was more than I had ever seen, he was literally heartbroken when he got home, and Vi was the only one who could truly understand--I always thought it was because they served the people so obviously they loved them, but know I SEE it, I KNOW it, there is no place I have ever been where the people are so friendly and compassionate.  I didn't want to leave, and I just met these people, I cant imagine serving with them for 2 years and then leaving not knowing if you would ever see them again.  Over all today, I learned so much, I learned to soften my heart and not be like that rock, to let myself be ok with answers that come, and to be true to who I am.

Day 2 Moorea

Eric and I returned the car, went to the Ferry to the Island of Moorea.  After much negotiation with the car company, he finally decided on one and we drove the entire Island looking for just the right Hotel.  Eric had budgeted on a certain amount and wanted to be in a place where we felt safe.  We ended up at the Intercontinental-in a bungalow, which really has never been on my bucket list but apparently was on Eric's.
One of the Hotel Bungelows we looked at

Eric, said NO--Johnny Lingo would of said NO

We ended up here at the Intercontental

I love this picture of Eric capturing the sunset

Eric, loved this view of the family who caught a 600 pound
fish and let us watch as it took 4 men to cut it up and weigh
it, they then sold it to local restaurants Oh and by the way
this was only one third of the fish.
Day 3 Moorea  We woke up to the beautiful view of a mezmerizing blue ocean, a perfectly clear day for exploration.  After breakfast we finished driving the rest of the Island, and ended up at the Ferry where we had originally rented our car, Eric hoped out and asked her if we could use it another day, she said "of course you can" About 1/2 way back I got really car sick, I told Eric it came on so sudden and reminded me of when he would take me to our condo in Mexico while I was going through chemo to get me away from the Mayo and the Villain for a few days, but undoubtedly I would get car sick every time and have lay in the back seat of his Avalanche, I even remember Tamy running her fingers through what little hair I had and massaging my scalp trying to keep my mind off of the pain.  Today, though I want Eric to enjoy his day so I told him to stop along the way anytime he wanted to visit or see something.  We stopped along the way at a home where he saw a family cutting up a very large fish. It was being cut in thirds and lifted by 4 men it was so heavy, they finally got the weight to 600 pounds.  The family sells to local restaurants, they were very pleased with the catch today, William is the father and he wanted us to take pictures.  I don't think I have ever seen any fish this big before, it was quite an enjoyment for Eric.
cutting it up, was a chore

the tail and fins


600 pounds
this fish took over an hour to pull in
4 men to cut and weigh
baby maui maui 12 kilos locals stop by
and buy for dinner
Eric & William the owner and father
proud of another fish head..

Today, I'm happy for Guava Juice--my fav


Life at The Hadenfeldt's said...

Monya, I know the Gospel is true and that Heavenly Ftaher has a plan for each of us...I am so glad that you and your husband have such amazing opportunities to travel to such neat places. I am so happy for the love that you have for your family and the love they have for you. Whatever your outcome in this life may be you will never be forgotten.