Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day 4 and 5 in Moorea

Day 4 Sunday in Moorea--

after our scout out of the Island we found the church we wanted to attend today--the only branch on the Island--every song, every lesson and prayer is done in both Tahitian and French--I loved it--Eric Loved it--On this Island there are 1 branch and 2 buildings.  How blessed I feel to belong to a religion so strong in its roots.  We were able to make a short drive of 10-15 minutes, along the way I saw a young man walking in a white shirt and tie, and told Eric we should give him a ride....slight hesitation on his part, but he turned around and we tried to talk to him in French, but soon found out he was deaf-I saw his Priesthood manual and signed out our names and that we were going to the Mormon Church if he wanted a ride.  We were of course greeted by each member with a kiss on on each cheek and they say "Yo raw na" (hello, or good day) Before the Sacrament started, the brother on the left below stood and introduced us to the branch by name and where we were from.....big smiles and stares from everyone, mostly because I was the only blond  fare skinned person in the room. As soon as the meeting began my thoughts went to Stephen Phelps who plays the organ  in our ward in Arizona, I have never felt the spirit testify to me through music like his does, but today hearing it with my eyes shut listening with my heart was incredible, they sing the versus in French and Tahitian. with enthusiasm and strength. In fact the entire meeting was done in French and Tahitian. Today in Sacrament there were 78 people in attendance (yes I counted) don't judge me please----The speaker spoke about missionary work, he said if the spirit is constantly with you than sharing the gospel should come easy. Simple enough, Christ is a constant in our lives his promises are real they never change, when we strive to keep our promises to live as he did the spirit will testify to us and will lead us in the right direction--never failing. After the Sacrament meeting was over, we divided into Tahitian classes and French class for Sunday School, during Sunday School, we met another Teri Larsen, she reminded me so much of her, she walked in took a seat from the front row since all the rest were taken then she said in French, "if you come in last you always end up on the 1st row, except for me, I take a chair and sit in the back". Eric started laughing and I asked what did she say, we both looked at each other and said endearingly Teri Larsen !!  During Sunday School I could hear across the way on the other side of the building the Primary children singing in French "If you chance to meet a frown" it brought tears to my eyes, the gospel is so constant, no matter where you are in the world it stays the same, the gospel does not change, even the music.  The Priesthood meeting was in Tahitian and brother Wilford said for us it would be better to leave, at 1st I was  put back by that, but Eric said he explained in French it is hard for the French speaking to understand and he thought we would not get much from it, well Eric anyway----and for me I wanted to go to Relief Society, I don't care if I don't know the language, to me I feel it in my heart. This was a good day, we went back to the bungalow watched a movie called FIREPROOF--I HIGHLY RECOMMEND EVERY NEWLY MARRIED OR MARRIED COUPLE TO WATCH THIS AS A FAMILY.  We ate dinner, knelt and had prayer and went to sleep ready for Monday to start another adventure.

Happiest people on the earth, we decided to go to the
branch. Interesting they sing the Hymns in both
Tahitian and French

This is the baptismal Font
So happy to see us--more happy to see them