Monday, September 9, 2013

Rangiora Day 11

Sunday, Day 11
We were disappointed to arrive on this Island to late to attend the branch meetings, we arrived at noon and Sacrament started at 8:30.  Today really was a short day we arrived on the tender to the Island around 1:30.  There is not a lot to do on this Island, although it's beauty is not matched by many other I have ever seen.  All shops, restaurants and facilities on the Island are closed for the Sabbath day.
I NEED--listen to me not a want it was a NEED to connect with my children today I miss them so much.  There is absolutely no internet service anywhere-- We found a local man who we communicated in French, he told Eric and I he was going spear fishing for his families dinner if we wold like to come drift snorkeling so we hoped on his boat, he took us around the entire Island and we snorkled as he speared tuna or some big blue fish for dinner--he was un-successful--I wonder what his wife says when he gets home ha ha....anyway it was interesting and we saw many many schools of hundreds of beautiful fish, we even saw a tiger shark---and a lemon shark--however, they were farther down than I could swim so I got back on the boat as Eric explored some more.  Though the open waters of the ocean have always been a fear of mine, I found some peaceful moments as I watched the fish gracefully slide through the water.
This was a fun day--we made it back to the ship had dinner, went to our room, and watched a movie until we fell asleep--very soon after.


We loved these children, they loved getting pictures

more pictures

these little girls out fished the boys and they made me smile

I wanted to take them all home with me

This little girl waived at me until we were out of site


Anonymous said...

Love all the kids looked like they loved you and your husband!!