Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 14 Taha'a and Day 15 Moorea

Wednesday day 14, woke up not feeling well, ate very little breakfast again.  We all took the 1st ferry boat to the Island of TAHA"A.  We toured the entire Island took many memorable pictures--my stomach and head were aching, but I really didn't want to complain they were all having so much fun and after all this is a once in a lifetime journey for me, I want to enjoy it as much as I can.
Taha's was once the center for fire walking ceremonies, but today they are pretty rare.

We didn't have a lot of time on this Island, these local Police officers assisted us in finding a driver to take us up the mountain

some of the local scenery

the black pearl farm

this woman seriously impressed me, she chops coconuts all day

150 chopped coconuts are in this bag ready to go to the local industries for processing

this is the Island where Tahitian Vanilla is grown

they bud into a flower, then the pod appears the smell is heavenly

our drivers home

there are 3 of these buildings in a row, it is where our driver and his extended family have dinner

this is typical Eric--he loves the local imagery

Jesus, loved the coconut milk

Anthony, a quiet gentle man

Conchi and Maria, beautiful women

the driver stopped by a local market where we could pick up a cold drink and Eric came back with this beauty to share

Our group and the driver saying goodbye

The Paul Gauguin Private Moto was beautiful

I think I could sit here all day too
This was a motu filled with tropical spaces, the cruise served us a traditional Polynesian lunch
a view from the motu to the Paul Gauguin
I went to the motu with our group, but seriously took a couple of pictures, turned around and went back to the ship on the next tender.  Eric stayed and really enjoyed the time on that private Island, I wish I could of spent more time there, but I was really just not feeling well, went back and slept until Eric got back at 5 or 6 and we got ready for dinner.  I asked Eric if we could get off the ship tomorrow and go home--I know it is a couple of days early, but I just really want to go home, I miss my children and grand-kids too much.  This is too long to be away.  He said "yes", but he had one more excursion he wanted to do on Moorea with the rest of our group.
Day 15 Moorea--my favorite Island of all of them--I stayed on the ship while Eric took the rest of them on a 4x4 ride up the mountain to the fruit farm and some other amazing areas we had not explored in the 1st 5 days we stayed there on the Island.  I packed both my bag and Eric's bag, made preparations with the crew to disembark when Eric arrived back.  I didn't really get to say goodbye to Maria, Antonio, Jesus and Conchi--Eric and I were able to get off the ship safely to the peer, took the next ferry boat to Papeete, and made it on the next flight to LAX and then home....finally home sweet home--I could not wait to see my kids, grandkids and share our experiences with them.


Anonymous said...

What a special husband my husband would of said no we are not leaving if you are leaving go by yourself.What a great trip you had love the pictures.