Sunday, September 8, 2013

Huahine Island French Polynesia

Thursday Day 8
Today we woke up in Huahine.  Eric was like a child waiting to open Christmas Presents, he woke up early--I was way to sleepy so he went for a walk and breakfast--however, breakfast was not quite ready, for Heavens Sake it was 5 in the morning.  I don't think the sun was even up yet.  Oh, I forgot to mention we are now on a cruise for the remaining Islands we wanted to visit.  I finally opened up my sleepy eyes prayed, got ready, ate breakfast and make the 2nd tender to the Island.  We decided to find our own tour guide instead of using the ships tours, they are twice or even three times more than what we could ask local people to do for us. We took a free shuttle into town and rented a car, not from a car company, Eric just went around asking locals if he could rent their car, the woman we found let us use her car and have it back by 3.  We rented it for about $40 and she was so happy, the ship wanted $140 for the day. We went to a local store picked up some baguettes and juice, and we were off to drive the entire Island.  We saw blue eyed eels, Tahitian ruins we stopped along the way to take pictures of this beautiful place,  On our journey we saw two senior missionaries sitting on the side of the road looking out into the ocean, we pulled over and Eric spoke to them in French, they have been on this Island for 14 months, and they are the only missionaries on the Island.   On this Island there is only 400 members of the church, and 2 buildings, they invited us to Church on Sunday but we told them we would be on a different Island, then sadly, they told us the church on that Island starts at 8 am and we  will not be arriving to the Island until noon. They kissed us on each cheek and said goodbye.
At dinner tonight on the ship, we made a reservation to eat at the French restaurant.  I was not too impressed with the menu, Eric was extremely happy, he loved everything on the menu.  We were laughing at the man next to our table who had ordered tartar and for those who do not know what that is---its raw hamburger meat with seasonings--sounds like a night hovering the toilet to me--we started to laugh because Eric said he knew the guy had no idea what he was about to eat, and the 1st bite he made a face we will never forget, and rudely we laughed until we cried, the waiter came and asked him if he like it, (remember he ate the entire plate out of respect) but had no problem saying when asked if he like it "No, not really"  We had a great time today, but I miss my kids.

One of the locals

the baguettes--cant get enough

Senior Missionaries

LDS Church Building

one of the homes in the lagoon