Monday, January 30, 2012


I spent the day in a gown at the Mayo Clinic today.   Pretty proud of myself, I didn't have to take any anti anxiety medicine to get me through.  Good news, my insurance is still going to cover me at Mayo--YAY.
Tonight, I'm in some pain. The process was not what I was prepared for, they have to inject some dye into the area around the bone, the contrast  helps them see what is going on in my hip bone.   I really liked the doctor, he explained each step of the way what he was doing.  They numb the area first, then inject the dye,  he told me to let him know if I had any pain.  Then..... he hit my hip bone twice with the needle--OUCH--
After talking to me about side effects, the nurse got me off the table and told me to walk down the hall for the MRI.  There was a strange feeling in my leg, probably because it was  numb.
They took me immediately in for the MRI.  Oh no, I remember this machine.  I asked if I could listen to some music, being so claustrophobic I was afraid of having a panic attack.  For the next 45 minutes I listened to the Eagles, and suffered through the  pounding noises of the incredible MRI machine.
As I sit here, in my bedroom, I can't help but think "when is this going to end?"  I rub my hand over my port and wonder if I will ever be free of this VILLAIN or the side effects.


Kjohnson said...

My sweet Monya. You are in my thoughts and prayers!

Grazing The Hurds said...

Hi Monya,

Remember me from Hillary's wedding a few weeks ago. I am friends with Kristi and we talked a little bit about my daughter. I am finally getting around to my blog and leaving you a message. My blog is

Take care,

Tish Hurd

Anonymous said...

Your Porsche/Pinto story on
Jan. 22nd reminds me of a joke:

A man died and went to heaven. He was greeted at the gate by Saint Peter and received a Mercedes to drive in heaven, because he had been completely faithful to his wife, who preceded him in death.
He got in his new Mercedes and went off in search of his wife.
Within minutes, he returned to St. Peter, distraught and in tears. "What's wrong," asked St. Peter, "are you not happy with this fine car?"
The man replied. "The car is fine, but I just passed my wife, and she was on a skateboard!"