Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Donations? Beware

As all the ads and commercials start their campaigning to "Fight Against Breast Cancer" walks and runs, please do your homework before donating to any of them.  I was shocked as I researched to see just how much money is donated directly to help breast cancer patients, one of the Huge supposedly "non-profit" organizations kept 80% of the proceeds for employees and personal gain in 2010 and 2011.  Which means if you do the math only 20% went to the actual cause--

There are a lot of great non-profit organizations out there to donate to if you are interested in donating specifically to cancer in general--American Cancer Society is one of them that our family supports, 100% of proceeds from fundraising goes directly to patients. ACS has programs to house families who need to have shelter during chemo and radiation, one of the programs gives women who lose their hair meetings they can go to and learn how to do makeup and gives them scarves and wigs--they also have shuttle services available to pick patients up and take them to and from their treatments--

Just beware of who you are donating to and what they are specifically doing with the money.