Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding-April 29th 2011

This morning was the ROYAL WEDDING of Prince William and Kate Middleton, I was up and getting ready for work when Eric came from downstairs and said he just watched the wedding, all TV's were tuned in at our house.  I remember watching as Prince William's mother and father were married in 1981, it seemed like a fairy tale, except they didn't live happily ever after.  All week I've listened as the news announcers have talked about Kate "getting" her prince, and that this is every little girls dream.  It actually bothers me when I hear them say it, because I believe Prince William is "getting" a princess.  It goes both ways, every Prince has a Princess by his side right?  You don't have to be Royalty to find a Prince or Princess.  The actual wedding ceremony I found to be pretty boring, I loved when Prince Williams mouthed to Kate "you look beautiful" every girl wants to hear that on her wedding day from the man she is about to marry, it was sweet.

and now for the most entertaining part for me...THE HATS.... the British are known for their hat wearing but seriously, it is a requirement? wearing one of those hats would be a deal breaker for me.