Monday, April 11, 2011

MRI Results

Still not exactly sure what is going on with my hip pain.  I am now being referred to an orthopedic surgeon.
The "spot" on my hip is still there, it has something to do with my lumbar, they will try to inject it to help relieve the pain. I am still just so thankful for the results from my bone scan, Mayo Clinic even sent me a written page of results, just to see it in writing "no bone metastasis" made me smile.  It has been an emotional couple of weeks for me, now I finally feel like I'm beginning a new chapter.  I wish I could articulate exactly how overwhelmed and grateful Eric and I are.  I'm not sure why the Lord has chosen to bless us over and over again, still I continue to pray and tell HIM how thankful I am that he listens and answers.


Shannon said...

We are so happy for you and pray for you and your family.
Love Shannon and the family

Nichole said...

So glad to hear the news! What a blessing! I hope you get your hip figured out soon!