Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

One more Holiday gone, closer to the day Blake returns from his mission.  I mailed off an Easter Basket this week to him, along with a new pair of shoes some Scotcheroos (his favorite and by his request) I'm pretty sure by the time those got to the DR they were a pretty melted mess.  It's really hard to believe I will be speaking to him again in 2 weeks on Mother's Day, then in a few short months he will be home.
I have always loved this time of year, Spring time in Arizona is beautiful and I love the feeling of family together and sharing in the knowledge we have of the Savior's love for us.  I was blessed to have the opportunity to sing with the choir today in Sacrament.  The song we sang was I Believe In Christ, the arrangement was absolutely beautiful and with Stephen Phelps at the organ it moved me to tears along with so many others who were in attendance.  The Bishop asked 2 of my favorite people in the world to stand up and bear testimony today.  Cindy Packard, I adore her,  she lights up a room when she walks in, not only is she a spiritual giant with a testimony of Christ, she is down to earth and a woman who knows the importance of laughter and eternal families.  Her testimony today touched my heart and soul, I love her.  Stephen Phelps another one of my favorite people, quiet and reserved yet strong and poised.  The testimony that came out of his heart today touched me and again I was moved to tears.  He talked about moving forward, knowing none of us are perfect, the importance of having a knowledge of the Atonement, one of the things he said today is something I have always told my children "it does not matter how you start the race it's how you finish that matters" we are all going to make mistakes, we just need to keep moving forward and trying our hardest to be the best we can be.  I left Church today feeling like my cup was filled, the sacred gifts that were shared today helped me understand just a little bit more of who I am and the person I want to be.  I believe in Christ and I know the greatest gift that has ever been given was the gift of the Atonement.

Now for the fun part of the Easter Holiday....... family, and when I say family I basically mean Recker... we all enjoyed so much watching in his delight as he ate a whole sucker from his Easter basket.  We wanted him so badly to hunt for those eggs,  I think we still need another year for that to happen, still we all loved watching him pick up the plastic eggs off the grass and put them in his basket.  I miss those days with my children, this is a new chapter for Eric and I, grandchildren are the best.


Wendi said...

I am so glad that your Easter Sunday was so great. We too felt the spirit so strong in our meetings and Primary once more blew me out of the water with their knowledge. I learn more and more each week. Man your countdown is happening really fast, 2 weeks and we get to talk, too exciting. Have an amazing week my friend.

Nichole said...

Sounds like you had a great day! How exciting that Blake is coming home so soon!

Anonymous said...

What's a scotcharoo? Is it like Tom's?

Robin said...

Monya, that picture of you and Recker is adorable. You look genuinely relaxed and at peace, you are just glowing. What a difference a year makes!