Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Friend Jayden Flake

I love Jayden Flake.  He was in my Primary class a couple of years ago, and never has a child made such an impact and impression on my heart like he has.  I was actually diagnosed with Breast Cancer while I was teaching him.  He is a very intelligent boy, and his heart is as big as Texas.  During the time I was going through chemo, his mom would bring him to my house and together they would deliver treats and cute notes of encouragement and Love.  He was baptized last month and guess who got invited?? Yep, me I felt so privileged and special,  there was nothing that would of kept me from going to see him make this commitment to the Lord.  I have no doubt in my mind that Jayden is going to serve a mission someday, and that he will continue through his life to make an impact on hearts of many people.
This is the note I received from Jayden
 Dear Sister Williams

I am thankful that you stayed from your vacation to see my baptism. I am also glad that you don't have cancer. I fasted for you because I really don't want you to have cancer. I love you very much. You are one of the nicest people on earth.
p.s. Thanks for the birthday present.

Jayden gives the best hugs EVER !

Jayden and his OLD primary teacher ME

Jayden and his Daddy

My Testimony of my Baptism
Juddson Jayden Flake
I am an eight year old boy. I got baptized on March 12th 2011. When I was in the water it felt like I was being burned by something in my insides. Not in a bad way it felt good. It was warm. I shook hands with the Bishop and all the boys who gave me the Holy Ghost. My Dad confirmed me. He said Juddson Jayden Flake I lay my hands on your head and say unto you receive the Holy Ghost. When he said that I got the Holy Ghost. It felt like I was going to have a good time with the Holy Ghost. My Grandma and Grandpa Jensen, Grandpa Jay and Grandma Audrey, and lots of my cousins and aunts and uncles came. My old primary teacher came; it was nice because she stayed home from her trip to see me get baptized. It was very nice that my cousins traveled 3 to 17 hours to come. It made me feel special that they all did that. I really wanted to get baptized. I had a good time with my cousins the week after the baptism. Right after we had a luncheon I went to Amazing Jakes and I played with them. I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet. I know that this Church is true. And that getting baptized was the right thing to do. I read the scriptures to get ready for my baptism and I did Moroni challenge to pray and ask about the scriptures. I knew that the scriptures are true. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.     
I wish I could say that I always have the faith of a child, when I read this testimony written by Jayden a special spirit filled my heart, and many tears filled my eyes.  I've learned so much from this little boy, and I am grateful the Lord brought him into my life.


Wendi said...

Nothing in this world like primary kids. That is why I love serving in the primary. I hope they never put me anywhere else. I learn more there then anywhere, they build me up. Good job teaching this boy and obviously you have also made an impact on his life as well as he has yours. I love that about the gospel. Always in our prayers. Enjoy the day.

Nichole said...

So sweet! I love that age!