Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Best Birthday Ever

This is My Happy
Today is my birthday, and all I wanted for my birthday was for Trystan to wake up from her coma and talk to me one more time.  Trys is my friend who is in the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Rochester MN, we both had surgery on Friday at the same time but different Mayo Hospitals.  We were  both going into these surgeries with our own fears, mine very personal something I have never, ever found the courage to talk to anyone about until our friendship developed enough that I knew the Lord had put her in my path for this reason, she has been through similar life experiences and both of us were able to let those demons go with each other.  Thursday night we spoke on the phone all night until they came to wheel her away into her pre op surgery it was around 6 am her time, this surgery for her is life and death and the doctors are only giving her a 15% chance of survival it was a very emotional "later" to say we never say "good-bye" it's always "later-sis"
Since waking up from my surgery I have been so worried about her, she has flatlined more times than I can count, the doctors almost called it one time when she stopped breathing and was blue, then all of a sudden  her heart began beating again.  On Wednesday I got an email from my son who lives in the Dominican Republic serving a mission, he asked me about Trys and said he and his companion were continuing to pray for her everyday, but that he suggested we have a fast from noon to noon .  We sat it up as a family to start the fast Thursday at Noon and to End on Friday at Noon.  I also forwarded the email to Trys's brother and invited his family to do it too, they are not members of the same church we go to,  they really had no idea about fasting and prayer, but was humbly willing to try anything, and so we did my family, Trys's brother and wife, her mother, aunt Helen and two of her doctors. Immediately we started to see some improvements, she had not been urinating on her own, so for a few hours we were praying for pee, it started she started to pee, what a miracle in itself.  The day and through the night was agonizing for me (not because of not eating) my heart was aching for every report we would get of improvement. I wanted this miracle more than I wanted my own miracle I had just received. At noon on Friday (my birthday) they started to take her off the life support to see how her heart would do, after hours she started to move.  I remember going into my backyard and yelling as loud as I could  please Trys, it's time for you to wake up.  During those 24 hours I had some pretty special experiences with Trys visiting me, one time she even asked me to give her permission to go she wanted me to say it out loud and I said NO its not time.  All day I was calling her phone leaving her messages and singing her songs that her brother would put the phone  up to her ear, around 5 pm I got a text from her brother that said to please call Trys, I called and she answered "sis, I love you" and then I cried, and cried some more, if anyone does not believe in modern day miracles they just need to test it, the Lord knows what is best for us, he knows us and he will bless us when it is his will.
We talked until 3 in the morning,  laughing like school girls again and tearing up for the miracle that again happened twice in my life in one week.  I told her before she went into surgery last week that all I wanted for my birthday was to hear her voice, and I got my wish it was the best birthday ever.  God is Good all time, and I am so thankful that he worked through Blake to help remind us of the power of fasting too.  I love You Trystan, we have so much of life to live, no regrets, no looking back.


Loretta said...

Dear sweet Monya; I had to stop and reread this every couple of lines, the tears were a flowing. You got two miracles in one week, not many people see ONE miracle in their whole lifetime, you must be doing something right. I don't know a lot, but I do know that Trystan loves you and that you her unconditionally and that is the purist of loves. God has His hand on your friendship with her. Love you.

Loretta Valenta said...

Life is full of miracles and how wonderful that you have looked and been able to see them! Happy Birthday too!!

Kate Kennedy said...

Monya, this is beautiful, have you shared it with Trys yet? God loves the both of you so much and I'm so glad in my heart that you have each other. She loves you too and WE LOVE YOU!

Nichole said...

What an amazing and sweet story! Thank you for sharing that miracle with us to remind us they happen today and that God is so aware of us all!!

Material Girl said...

I really needed that story tonight. It has been an awful week. Thanks for sharing it with us Monya.

Robin in Oklahoma

Linda Bennett said...

What an incredible experience for all involved. Thanks so much for sharing.