Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Only 8 months Left

Temple in the DR
Today I've been feeling a little depressed and down, so I decided to get out of the house by myself for the 1st time in weeks.  I drove to WALMART, of all places?  Mostly because I needed to pick up some groceries, and also because it was close enough that if I needed to get home quickly I could.  I am healing very well from surgery, but because of being laid up in my bed for weeks I am starting to get a little antsy, I still have some pain but it is manageable.  Yesterday, I went to church for the 1st hour, it was very painful I realized I was not ready about 10 minutes into the meeting, however,  was glad I went later though, Sterling Priday had his farewell, he is going to Samoa for his 2 year mission, his talk was great, and very entertaining. I thought about Blake and how fast his mission is going, he is incredible to me, how he changed his life around and decided on his own to serve the Lord, leaving only 6 weeks after his mama was diagnosed with the VILLAIN.  I love getting those Wednesday emails from him, you know his personality is still the same, whitty and funny, but he is a man now more mature and softer around the edges.
Today when I left the house for WALMART I decided to pick up my mail, I was happily surprised to get a handwritten letter from Elder Blake Williams, and Elder Rhett Sheurn.  It warmed my heart, Rhett is Tamy's son who has been in the MTC (mission training center) in Provo Utah, he will be serving his 2 year mission in Milan Italy.  It was so good to hear from him and see how the Lord is blessing him with the language and the knowledge of the Gospel he will be teaching.
I tucked Blakes letter in between my seats and decided I wanted to relish every word and that I would wait to read it when I could snuggle up on bed, also because I knew I would have a good cry.  When I arrived at WALMART and parked, I could not resist that letter sitting there with MOM YA WILLIAMS
written on the front..... ok so I didn't wait for my bed, I opened it right there in the parking lot and yes, I cried like a baby.  There is something about getting a handwritten letter from your missionary son that just makes a mama not only SMILE like there is no tomorrow, but get a heart overwhelmed with love, and eyes filled with tears, it really is the best feeling I have ever had, and was exactly what I needed today.
Just reminds me that the Lord is always mindful of what our needs are, ALWAYS.  We only have 8 months left until we will get to embrace Blake, I miss him so much, but on the other hand I can never deny the blessings he has received from serving.