Friday, July 29, 2011

YALE Hospital with Recker

Just finished up a 3 day trip with Kayla Recker and Jeremy.  We were at the YALE Hospital research center for Autism.  Recker went through quite a bit of testing, he was so good and patient, especially with the time change from Arizona to Connecticut his sleeping pattern was completely off and he was extremely tired throughout the testing.  I was able to observe him through a one way mirror as they put him through some intense tests.   He yawned and jabbered as they asked him to do tasks, the reason for this was to test his ability to communicate without speaking and what level of understanding he actually has--they also did a speech test,  there are no right or wrong answers here--just testing to see what kind of therapy will be best for him--one of the things I loved was how positive all the doctors and therapist were,  they focus only on what he CAN do and stayed away from what he can't, just gave us some things to work on with him this next year until he returns.  The last test they did on him was a genetics test, he had to give his blood--I stayed in the waiting area knowing I would not be able to handle it, still Kayla and I could here him, it was not fun to listen to.  He wanted to rip the Band-Aid off--we let him-- after all they are annoying, I can't stand to have a Band-Aid in the crease of my arm.
The test results will be back in a few weeks until then--life is so happy with this little guy.

Woody was on Mine and Reckers bed when we got back to the Hotel


tamy scheurn said...

What a angle face little boy!!