Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Las Vegas Nationals

I made a last minute decision and flew to Las Vegas for Dance Nationals..... yes dance.  My girls danced for so many years and every year during the summer we would pack up and go to Nationals.  This year I decided to go watch all by myself, it was amazing how much more I enjoyed it, I loved to watch my girls dance but being there without any stress or hurry was  so much more relaxing.  Kaitlyn and Brian were in Las Vegas for the 1st night I was there, we had fun shopping together.  The last 2 days I have spent with Mysti, & Timmy Brown--loved, loved, loved watching the choreography talents of Taylor Brown and the beautiful girls and dancers Bryton and Ivy have turned into--I love the Brown family--Mysti has always been a loyal, sweet and giving friend.  I really don't particularly love Las Vegas, in fact it is the last place on earth I would choose to go if given a choice....I stayed in the competition the entire time except to eat--there is just not a peaceful feeling in Vegas, I know a lot of people love it here, but it's not for me I almost feel like a fish out of water, I don't gamble, I don't drink and I am definitely not a party girl ---I think I'm kinda boring--ha ha ha
Taylor Myself and Ivy
breakfast with Frank and Susan Brown ♥
Susan, Me and Bryton
Ivy and B

Me and Mysti

You smell good Mysti

she has no idea I'm a weirdo


Jill said...

You hair has grown back and looks so beautiful! You shine!