Saturday, July 9, 2011

✭Celebrating our Freedom God Bless the USA ✮

My cute Hales and I
✭Kayla and I✭

✭Me and Kaitlyn✭
✭Recker, Jeremy and Kayla Roussel✭
✭Eric getting a little crazy in the streets of Mexico✭

✭Chasen and Eric Dancing✭

✭chasen, michael, shelby madison halcomb✭
✭Sand on my towel-thanks Reck✭

✭Recker loves Mango✭

✭Me and Hales✭
✭Recker loves the Ocean and Laffy Taffy✭

✭Recker fell asleep in the Pool with Eric✭
✭Brian and Kaitlyn✭
✭Greg and Lindsey Smart✭
The past few years we have celebrated the 4th of July down in Mexico ✭ Probably seems kinda strange to be celebrating an American Holiday in another country, but we absolutely love it  and it's always a huge celebration ✭ The Halcombs are good friends of ours,  they too like to celebrate in Mexico so we always have a big bar b que with them, play volleyball, soccer, and of coarse the homerun derby ✭ by the way Teresa and I tied for 1st place this year ✭ those youngsters have nothing on us old women.  This year we had 13 people in our condo--Kayla, Jeremy, Recker, Skyler, Jessica, Kaitlyn, Brian, Lindsey, Greg, Haleigh and Emily ✭ Eric and I too ✭


Nichole said...

Looks like a fun trip! You have such a cute family! You look so great too!

tamy scheurn said...

You ALL are so cute!!!! I miss the Williams!!! AND I LOVE THEM TOO!!!!