Monday, May 30, 2011

He is so Happy

Recker did NOT drink this Coke
He loves MANGO
Recker loves his daddy, but didn't love being buried
Recker and the Whale
It's not very often that we get our entire family together for vacation, (with exception of Blake) it seems with work and school schedules it's more difficult than I thought it would be.  Today Kayla, Jeremy, Recker, Kaitlyn, Brian and Haleigh all left to go home, Eric and I will be staying in Mexico a few more days.  I especially loved having Recker here with us, that sweet little angel boy loves the outdoors (Just like his uncle Blake) One night Eric and I let him wonder down the beach while we walked close behind counting as he picked up a rock/shell he found, I counted him pick it up and throw it back down 256 times.  He was in his own little world as he jabbered, ran, walked and discovered new things along the shore line. Every once in a while he would look for me to make sure I was within his eye sight, an occasional grin and hug to acknowledge me then off again he would go in and out of the water up and down the beach, picking up sand and throwing it back into the ocean, I wondered what it is that his little mind is thinking, wishing there was something I could do to understand and help him.  I think one of the things that every parent wants for their children is for them to be happy, to truly find happiness in their life, as I watched Recker play I realized he is so happy.
BonBon Recker and Grandad


lorie said...

So excited about your exercise journey! Keep me posted!

Marilyn said...

Love doesn't come with conditions on it....He is a doll...a beautiful little boy who will have his own talents....don't let anyone tell you what his limits will be....he will be strong, beautiful and loved...not to mention happy, because he has a wonderful family who includes him and exposes him to lots of experiences.