Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blake in Puerto Plata

I have had  so much going on this past week, I am just now getting to post the email and pictures I received last Wednesday from Blake.  He is in a new area called Puerto Plata, he loves it but had a difficult time leaving his last area.

This week we had a baptism,  this little girl thats a member of this family we are going to baptize but we are waiting on the documents for the parents to get married so we just baptized the girl first..this family is really sweet the wife has gone to church soo\ much shes like a member but the husband hasn't gone he says when he gets married hes going to start to go.  
Here in Puerto Plata the things are good,  Trying hard  to find people to teach.  Most are just young single women, and we have been looking for families.  This last week has been hard cuz it was Semana Santa, Holy Week  and no one was in their houses cuz they all leave for the week and visit family and yea so it was so hard this last week to find people but we did have a really cool expierience we found this less active who used to be President of the Disctrict,  President of the Branch and has had almost every calling and now is less active and we shared with him about the Book of Mormon and he was telling me he knows that the church is true and stuff like that and i shared with him my testimony and i told him how horrible i felt when he told me he was president of the district and has gone through the Temple and now is less active. I got really sad, and told him  i told him to sit there and think about all the Covenants he has made with the Lord and we sat there for like 5 minutes without saying a word and he got really teary eyed and told us how horrible he felt and how he has a problem with alcohol.  I told him a story that happen to me one time before the misison well I told him a story but didn't tell him it was me.  I told him about this kid that had so many problems and did so much stuff, but changed his life around for the Lord, he  just thought it was someone else and he was really  touched.  i really hope that this guy can get backl to church it makes me so sad to think that there are people that have had the conviction and testimony and still reject the gospel
today we went to the beach and messed around we had a old jeep theres this member that is canadian (but doesnt know english) and he showed us around this resort and hotel where he lives and works so we messed around theer the whole time it was so sweet. im starting to like it here its just been a little rough when we dont have more than 5 investigators haha but thats why President sent me here so we can find more and i can leave this area 10 times better than it was.