Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Autism and Angels

I love this picture of Recker
 Our sweet grandson Recker was diagnosed with Autism yesterday.  I've had a feeling for a few months that something was not right with him, then when I had to fill out all the paperwork from Phoenix Childrens Hospital, I knew, there it was on paper all of the symptoms that I've seen him do day after day while he's in my care, still I was praying for a different outcome.  I know it must of been heartbreaking for Kayla and Jeremy to hear, it brought back memories of being diagnosed with cancer and feeling so numb and helpless, thinking where do we go from here?  I have no doubt in my mind that Heavenly Father has been preparing Kayla for this, she works at Highland Park Elementary School, her job is to work with  handicapped children including several with Austism.  Recker is only 17 months old, with being diagnosed so young... in fact he is the youngest his doctor has ever diagnosed he has a chance of getting therapy early, helping his chances to have a  normal life.  There are no guarantees, praying is all we can do right now, I have FAITH and HOPE in our little Reck's future.  I personally believe he is going to have an incredible life full of happiness and joy.  The Lord has a special place in Heaven for this little guy, and I  know there are some things I should work on so that when my time comes I too will be in Heaven with Recker.
Today as I watch him innocently playing, and enjoying life as he knows it, I realized how blessed I am to have the opportunity to be his bonbon, to get to spend so much time with him.  Recker literally has been with me since he was born at least 5-6 days a week, during the time I was going through chemo he saved me sometimes from wanting to be done with life in general.  He has brought so much joy to my life, our entire family adores him and gets so excited when Kayla and Jeremy come over with him, on Saturdays when they spend time as a family I miss him, and sometimes will call them to ask if he can play.  Today when he fell asleep on my bed next to me I couldn't help but shed a few tears, more for the unknown than anything else.  I could see the bruising on his arms from where they took 6 viles of blood, he ripped the needle out of his arm, it took 3 adults to hold him down, they finally were able to get the blood from the top of his hand, he has no idea what is going on, he never really will and I think that is such a blessing.  He is one special little angel, and again we are so blessed to have him in our family.  


Wendi said...

Autism is hard, but I know we told Heavenly Father we would do things on earth that we can't remember saying we would do. Your little family really has stepped up to the plate and I know that you will be blessed for saying that no matter what this baby is your angel, and you will do whatever it is you need to do to get him through this life in the happiest, safest way you know how. Blessing from heaven for raising your hands. Prayers are always with you, but more will be added. Give that sweet angel as many kisses as you can while he still lets you, and give him one for me. Let me know if I can do anything to help, anything.

Casey said...

Hi, I know we don't know each other but I have been following your blog for a long time now. I have worked with kids who have autism for quite a while now, it's extremely rewarding. It's overwhelming to go through the diagnostic portion of it, but there is a broad spectrum of Autism, and having found it early there is a really great possibility he will be high functioning. One thing we tell families is that autism doesn't define your child, so phrases like " I have an autistic child" or anything similar will begin to frustrate all of you. He is a child with autism.

If your daughter and son in-law live in Phoenix, they need to check out Arizona Autism United(AZA United) http://www.azaunited.org/
They are the only non-profit company that works with families who have children with Autism. They set up a plan with everyone involved, and then someone will come work with him, however many times you work out that will benefit him the most. They are an incredible team of people who know everything possible about how to work with the kids to be as high functioning as possible!

if you have any questions my email is casey.bartle@gmail.com. your whole family is in my prayers.

Angela Brian said...

I read Kalyas blog a couple of weeks ago, she stated they would know for sure start of june. she has been in my thoughts non-stop, continually hoping for the best. Please know that during this time you have my prayers. I have a young cousin with extreme autism and its hard for his mom at times. but when he is around you can't help know that there is an amazing spirit in that little boy. i think you are completely right, kayla has been prepared for this with her job. and if there is anyone i know that is AMAZINGLY STRONG it is KAYLA. miss you all.

Shannon said...

I know I just posted (I read this post second), but I have to tell you that some of the most brilliant students I have, have autism. We know so much more about the condition than we ever did. I believe too that it was no coincidence that Kayla was prepared for this. She will be amazing. It is difficult when you get a diagnosis though. We have been through that ourselves. The Lord will be by their sides to guide them to find answers they are seeking. I have no doubt.
There is a mourning that comes along with the change of a dream that you have for your child. Although the dream may change, I have no doubt that there will be wonderful things that this young man has to share with the world and that he will be a light to all he comes in contact with. Know that we love you guys.