Monday, February 7, 2011

48 things I want to do in 2011

In January I turned 48 years old .... WOW I remember when I thought a woman turning 30 was OLD, now I think a woman turning 60 is in her prime. It's true that perspectives change as you age and get wiser.
So o o o o o  I decided since I am still so young and have so much of life still to live I am going to do 48 things this year, things I've been wanting or needing to do.  KEEP AN OPEN MIND ha ha these are not all going to happen, but next year what's left over will go on my 49 things to do while I'm 49.

Spiritually Speaking
1. Pray with more sincerity and specific meaning
2. Read, study and ponder the scriptures better
3. Share the gospel with someone new
4. Consistant FHE (no matter who shows up)

Around the House
5. Turn the office into a play room for Recker
6. Clean out the upstairs hall closet
7. Clean out the pantry and get rid of things I have not used in years
8. Go through all cabinets in my kitchen and get rid of what I don't use
9. Change some things in Blakes room
10. Re-Decorate Kaitlyn's room
11.  New flooring and countertops in upstairs bathroom
12. Master bath, new shower, tub, flooring  (basically it needs a makeover)
13. Kitchen-a little makeover- we need new countertops
14. Replace all the lightbulbs that are out--bathrooms, kitchen, family room
15. Replace the knobs on the wall unit in the family room

Personally speaking
16. Take more chances (get out of my comfort zone)
17. Start to exercise as soon as the doctor says I can, and take it slow
18. Run a 5K
19. Run a 10K
20. Go back to work
21. Write down something that I am grateful for everyday
22. Say Thank You more
23. Smile more
24. Spend more time with extended family
25. Enjoy the moment
26. Take more pictures
27. Learn how to use my Video Camera (and actually use it)
28. Embrace my hair

Random Stuff
29.  Give more than I get
30.  Drink more water
31.  Eat more greens
32.  Learn how to thread my serger
33.  Laugh out Loud More
34.  Write more letters
35.  Plant some flowers
36.  Worry Less
37.  See good in EVERYONE (even when it's difficult)
38.  Don't give up
39.  Organize my life (meaning my house)
40.  Read a Book
41.  Snuggle more (Eric)