Sunday, June 6, 2010

Just what the Doctor ordered

A prescription written for rest and relaxation ... not necessarily from Doctor Northfelt (even though he did tell me it was the perfect time for me to do it) but it was written by Dr. Eric Williams. A very last minute vacation to Hawaii, on Friday we boarded an airplane with Kaitlyn and Brian and now I write this sitting on my bed in a beautiful condo on the Island of Oahu. I had only a few hours to get packed and ready. My stress and anxiety levels have been so high lately, that this was just what the Doctor ordered. Brian has never been to Hawaii and it's like watching a child open his gifts on Christmas. We were sitting in an ocean view restaurant on Waikiki he was staring out at the ocean when all of a sudden he jumped up and said "I'm going to put my feet in that water" and off he ran we watched him run as fast as he could with no shoes on to the ocean water. It was so funny to watch him.... Eric was looking at him like he was crazy ..... I was looking at him like he's so dang cute ...... Kaitlyn was looking at him like she just fell in love with him for the 1st time all over again. ahhhhh He woke up before the sun came up yesterday and rented a surf board, he's one of those kinda guys that is good at anything he does so we knew he would be good at surfing ..... and he was. Brian went snorkeling for the 1st time yesterday too, listening to him describe the fish he saw was animated and fun. I told him he needed to get some sun screen on, but he decided to wait until after he went snorkeling for the 2nd time ...... you see where I'm going with this? Yes he is a lobster today, on the 1st day of vacation.
Dr. Northfelt believes that stress in your life feeds VILLAIN cells, I'm almost done reading the book he suggested and I will post more about it later, but for now I am feeling less stress and trying to not think about the VILLAIN while I am in Hawaii.


Willi Nixon said...

hahah i can totally picture brian just being all wide eyed at everything! kait sent us all a picture of their first snorkeling adventure and we all are so jealous. keep having fun!

lorie said...

Monya, Remember our trips to Hawaii? And riding in the back seat of the convertible? And driving to Hana? Wow! Good times, my friend, good times.

Angela Brian said...


poor mr. lobster!

moms (in law) always knows best.

i am extremely jealous.

i hope you get to relax.

your amazing.

+ LOvE YOU! -ang

Nichole said...

How great that you got to take that trip! Hope it is relaxing and fun! You deserve every minute of it!