Thursday, June 17, 2010

Givin' Up Sugar

just a few of my favorite desserts with lots of sugar and white flour.......
lemon bars

german chocolate cake

my favorite creme brulee'

homemade cookies


brownies with nuts

coconut cream pie

I decided to cut out sugar and white flour from my diet. This all started on Monday. So since Monday I have lost 8 pounds, I am amazed at the amount of sugar I eat, and until you cut it out you don't realize it. I have not eaten anything with sugar, no salsa, no sauces, nothing with sugar... when you read some of the labels of food you regularly buy you may be surprised how many foods have sugar in them. So I am getting all my sugar naturally from fruit, which I also love.
The white flour has not been as big a problem for me, but I also have no cookies or cakes in the house, anyone who knows me knows I love to cook, I love to bake, usually baking includes sugar and flour. I am not going to omit these completely from my diet I will allow myself one day a week to indulge. Probably Sundays will be the best since my family all comes over for dinner and I usually make a dessert. I don't promise to stick to this but I am sure going to try. The 1st couple of days I had a major head ache, but it has passed now and I feel so much better, my body feels stronger and detoxed.


greg and lexi said...
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MagicSprinkles said...

I have given up sugar as well.....again. I allow it on birthdays and holidays....and I had a headache when I went off too. Its been a few months for me now. I guess it will be me and you sitting at enrichment drooling over the yummy goodies we will be passing on....don't worry...I will bring the fruit! I have gone on and off white flour...for now I just limit it...its easier to be off it when you are off sugar too!