Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hawaii day 3 and 4

Fruit, Yogurt and Granola my favorite things to eat

Freezing at the falls

Hiking to the falls, there were a ton of places to take pictures

Kaitlyn was scared to jump off the rock so Brian jumped with her

Matsumotos shaved Ice

Eric and I at Pearl Harbor

Leonards Bakery is the Best

Malasadas at Leonards Bakery

We are still in Hawaii and it's a very laid back atmosphere compared to the busy life of Arizona. Eric has been able to relax and not worry about work (he's only been on his cell phone a few times) and he gets to sleep in if he wants to. Kaitlyn and Brian are fun to be with, I told them yesterday that I have not belly laughed in so long and with them it's an ongoing thing, and over the silliest things. I find myself thinking less and less of the VILLAIN while I am here. It still lingers in the back of my head but at least not as much as when I am home. I'm going to work on that when I get home.
Our days have been filled with food, water and exercise. We ate malasadas, if you've never had one they are heaven in your mouth kinda like a doughnut (but better much much better) they are filled with either chocolate pudding, coconut cream, or bavarian cream Eric got the flavor of the month it was filled with guava cream. Or you can just eat them plain with cinnamon sugar on top. Malasadas are something we always look forward to having when we come to Hawaii, Leonards Bakery is the best.
We had shaved ice at Matsumotos, a lot of the famous actors have eaten here and we love it too. Brian and Kaitlyn both said it was the best shaved ice they ever had, and Eric agreed. Pearl Harbor was a great way to spend our Sunday after noon, we saw a lot of LDS people there, probably because it is free of charge and a good way to spend some family time together without going to the beach. Yesterday we hiked up to the falls, I watched Kaitlyn and Brian get in the water and decided I was not going to do that to my body from the look on Kaitlyns face I could tell it was freezing. They swam over to the falls so I could take a picture of them, then I was waiting with a towel for her when she got out of the water. After much coaxing they all talked me into swimming with Eric over to the falls too. Yes it was freezing but Kaitlyn was right when she said I need to take more risks and try more things, NO REGRETS. I'm glad I did it, but was even more glad when I was safe on the shore with a towel around my shivering body. I have never been in a swimsuit without a tan, I looked down at my body and decided that everything would look better with a tan, but I just don't care anymore about that, I'm happy to be alive and in Hawaii with the ones I love.


The Pocket Inn said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun in Hawaii! You deserve it! :) Those treats from the bakery look delicious! Yum!