Monday, April 14, 2014

Walk With Me

I've had another emotionally overwhelming week.  I'm sitting on my bed rubbing medicine over and around the screw on the bone behind my ear, hoping it's enough, hoping when I go to Mayo Clinic tomorrow the implant has done it's job and my skin has adhered to the bone around it enough for me to have the baha placed over the screw and finally I will have some hearing.  My doctor is out of town so I will be seeing his resident, my ear is infected and has not gotten better, one day it will look green and drip constantly, the next day it will look like black mold is growing in it.  
I believe that people come into our lives for a reason, nothing is left to fate.  
The above was written a couple of weeks ago:
I went back to Mayo Clinic, was able to see Dr. Barr's resident.  She did a full examination, cleaned out the ear, pulled some dead black skin from the inner ear, they now have me using no antibiotic but asked me to rub a small amount of ointment just on the inside of the ear. I've been faithfully following directions. Tomorrow I will see the resident again--hopefully some good news.