Monday, April 14, 2014

Never Give Up

I have to remind myself of this daily

Oh how many times I've heard those words...."Never give up" but today never have those words resignated with my soul as they did today.  I've been dealing with this ear issue for over a year now, I said after my last surgery "no more, I'm done, I can't do it anymore"
On December 10th 2013 I went under the knife again, my time has been occupied with Mayo Clinic for over 4 years.  I have wonderful family and friends who have supported, prayed, fasted and served me, most of them do it with no recognition only pure intent of a good heart.
With so much time being dedicated to Mayo Clinic, doctors, MRI's, CAT scans, Bone scans, blood tests---etc..the list goes on and on.  I have done everything my doctors have told me to do, I have no regrets.  My doctors have become my best friends, and Mayo Clinic the 2nd home I never saw coming.
I love each and everyone of the doctors on my team....but I need a life....outside of Mayo Clinic.  I made the decision NO MORE SURGERY, no more putting bandaids on things.  I missed a few appointment the last couple of weeks, and honestly can say I didn't care a bit.  I'm tired, I'm simply exhausted.
In January I was approached by a dear friend who I have not had enough time with, but who has always stayed steady in checking in on me.  Shelli asked me if I'd like two tickets to Barrett Jackson, Eric in his wisdom said "let's go, it's time to get you out of this house" I have to admit I was feeling a little vulnerable with my ear exposed, worrying I would be bumped or  touched during the rush of people, still we went.
When we arrived Eric and I were greeted by Shelli, she took me to a booth where a few of other old time friends were working, and anti aging skin product called Nerium AD.  I sat in the booth, while Eric and Mark (Shelli's husband) strolled around looking at all the awesome cars. I sat and listened 1/2 way there and 1/2 way in another world--I saw all of these people, some my close friends who I have not seen for so long, they were all so happy.  Shelli asked me several times if I was OK, and I said I was fine, just watching them..she said to me "I'd really like to spend some time with you, and I have the perfect avenue to make that happen"  My mind was telling me "no, I'll just disappoint you, I can't fit this into my schedule" but my heart was saying "Mayo is not your home, it's time to reclaim your life"
I've been so occupied thinking about dying, I've forgotten to Live.  I handed her my credit card with no hesitation, signed up for a new life with Nerium, bought my ticket to a national conference in St. Louis then went home.
I had no idea what I'd just got handed--a Tender Mercy--at the time it was an impulse, but one that I felt good about, and I've been really good at knowing what is best for me, I listened with my heart this time.
Now I recognize the Lord's intervention once again, HE knows what I can handle, and on that day, January 17th, my little brother's birthday--I was handed another tender mercy.
I have still continued to say "I cannot handle any more surgery" I've been meeting with Shelli every week, and now my circle of friends has grown by 12,000 plus people.
As I sat listening to a talk on Friday afternoon, taking notes, busily listening and laughing with my friends, the speaker said 3 little words that popped me right back into reality--Mayo reality--those three words were "Never give up" it was as if the spirit was whispering to my heart, the tears bubbled up and flowed down my cheeks--I hurried  to make a mad dash to the women's restroom, hoping  no one would notice my emotional tears--I didn't want to bring them down off their high adrenaline rush. I sat in a bathroom stall with the door shut and the toilet seat down, staring at the purple doors, counting the tiles on the dirty floor--trying to compose myself--I did what I've done a million times--I prayed, yes I prayed in a purple painted, dirty floor, public bathroom.  Usually it's in the most random places and when I least expect it that the tears flow--a memory--a song-and in this case 3 words NEVER GIVE UP--I'm not giving up, I'm just reaching for something that inevidably in my mind is never going to happen--I am never going to be done fighting for my life--I feel like I fight these battles every other month, but will eventually lose the war.
 The noise of all the women sharing their happiness, spreading their joy with each other, suddenly left while I spoke to God--asking him, no begging him to 1st help me dry these eye's so no one would know--and 2nd to give me an answer, any answer, just please tell me what I'm supposed to do, what am supposed to be learning here?  Suddenly all the beautiful chatter of those women slowly began to be heard--I sat and cried a bit more, then I stood up with my shoulders squared and head held high, I said "I can do this" I put on my big girl panties, and decided even if I'm never going to be given those 4 little words I've been dying to hear "you are cancer free" I'm going to make time to clear my mind of cancer, step forward with confidence and spread some happiness, not only for me but for my future legacy.  I just needed that moment to just cry, cry with no one watching but my Heavenly Father--and I know it's hard for him to see, but for that moment I needed no one to ask me why I was crying, I just needed to let those emotions out.  I've been forced to face a deep pain, physically, spiritually and mentally--I've been forced to face a villain and there's nothing I can do but just get it out once in awhile--I know this pain is not going away anytime soon--but I need not to be asked when I'm going to stop crying, or why I'm crying--sometimes it just happens.  Life for a cancer patient is just that way, and I know one day all this will taken away, life on the other side is going to be a place I won't feel this pain--I've felt so much joy in my life and these tears are not me surrendering to anything, it's just something I need to do every now and again.  I'm not as strong as I sometimes think I am.
I truly believe in these words "He never said it would be easy, He said it would be worth it"  For now I am reclaiming my life, spending more time with friends I have not seen for so long, and Shelli was absolutely right when she told me Nerium is the way for me to get away from my cancer world. I've had plenty of people ask me what my "why" is for getting involved with Nerium or any other business with all I have going on, and for the fact that my husband makes enough money for me to go and do whatever I want--to those people I say this "the Lord has been tenderly watching over me, giving me his sweet grace and love all along the way, he takes my doubt away and replaces it with truth, Nerium is just the avenue to get me to a better place in my life"  I have also been asked by several blog advertisement companies telling me recently my blog has had over 4 million hits, if I would like to advertise and make money from every click on my blog--I have now turned them down for the 3rd time, I finally added a button for Nerium but the response was "but you could be making so much money" in return my response was "this is a sacred place where I can go and not have distractions--I appreciate the offers, but I only have this blog to express myself openly and honestly, I will not give in to advertising for a few extra bucks.  I did not choose to be a part of the Nerium family for money--and after this conference I know why, I know why I was drawn to this company, it was an answer to prayer.  I sold my wedding business not feeling like I could commit to brides, not knowing in 3 months what will happen with my health.  I honestly feel like being with positive happy people, taking me to a place where my heart can heal, my soul can soar while helping others reach their potential--I've been given a gift by Shelli Richardson, one I am feeling satisfaction, working with a company who believes in giving 10% of all earnings to a church or organization in need,  a company that is more about self development than it is about money--I cannot even begin to explain the fullness in my heart for this opportunity--I will no longer talk about Nerium, and do not want this to be an advertisement for them.
So tomorrow I will once again be headed to Mayo Clinic--being asked again about having another procedure--at this point tonight I am not sure what I will say, I am going to not commit to anything, I will listen with my heart.


Vickie said...

I love everything about you Monya. Keep fighting - the world needs people like you in it! On a side note, Mark and Shelli are our cousins. We love them to death. It makes me happy to see your and Shelli's smiling faces on Facebook.