Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Shark Week

I am deathly afraid of sharks and snakes.  When we go to the ocean I NEVER EVER get in the water, I always say "if I never get in, there is no chance of me getting eaten by a shark right?" You know I'm right.  If we are in the Caribbean and I can see to the bottom of the ocean I might consider it, but normally anyone in my family will tell you I do not get in the Ocean because of sharks.  Great Whites scare the kazoobie out of me, so when shark week comes, I record every episode and learn all I can about sharks.  Last week was shark week and I'm still not finished watching all of the episodes, but I will eventually.  These people who go out and hunt them just to see their teeth and what their behavior is....??? seriously????  Why, Why Why? I do not understand why that would be of interest to them, why would you get in  your little boat as close as you can to a great white shark so you can put a camera on it and follow where it goes? Who cares? Well obviously it is certainly entertaining to a lot of us, I love to watch, but sometimes find my heart pounding and my hands covering my eyes as it gets so intense, I will never understand why these people do what they do.


Then the snakes, oh boy another scary one.  I watched a show this week about the scariest animal attacks, there were 5 men holding down an Anaconda, the man holding the head lost his grip and sure enough, crunch time, his hand was gone----why? this makes no sense to me, why is this of any interest to people, let the animals be in their natural environment, and leave them alone.
Before we moved into the home we are in now, I remember the news reporter one night saying there was a snake that had come up through the toilet while a girl was going to the bathroom.....I will never forget it, it scares me every time I sit on the toilet now, can you even imagine?  Just hearing it on the news scared me enough to check the toilet every time I go in the bathroom for snakes, if that ever happened to me I know I would be put in the looney house.