Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mayo Clinic Here I Come

I have been dreading this day, keeping it on the DL from my family.  I know I need to talk about it, but for some reason when I say or write the words out loud they become a fear, and fear is one thing I can live without.  Yes, I had a mini stroke, and another little one while Eric and I were in Mexico, however that last one was because I was not taking my medicine like I should have.  Once I started to take it within 24 hours the slurring of words was gone and I have been fine since.
Tomorrow I am going to Mayo Clinic for an MRI, bone scan, and some other tests, my day will start at 7am and end at 5:00--long day, and the food stinks--I will be changing campuses for all of these appointments--maybe I'll get  to run by and say hi to Dr. PK Peter Kreymerman--I still love him dearly.  His smile will make it a better day.
I do have a little anxiety about stepping on to that dreaded 3 floor--I'm afraid in the state of mind I am right now I will probably need to take some meds with me to calm me down a little.
The thing about Mayo Clinic is that they do not let things just casually go by, oh no they send me an itinerary filled with appointments to remind me of what lurks in my fragile body.
Tomorrow should be interesting, I will be seeing the neurologist and Dr. Barrs the specialist I love, he is kind and sweet, he helps me with my right ear problems.  He will want some answers about whether or not I am going to go forward with the surgery or not.  To be quite frank, I don't really know what to do.  My life is filled with a lot of stress right now, some that believe it or not I am not ready to talk about--especially on this blog.
I again find myself in the last hour trying to determine if my answers are being received because it is what I want for myself or  am getting in the way of the Lord granting me more blessings.  I know I'm not the smartest tool in the shed, precisely why I think the Lord has more for me to learn.  So all I can say right now, Mayo Clinic Here I come.


lorie said...

How did it go?