Friday, August 2, 2013

Meet Brian Wright

Brian Matthew Wright

Kaitlyn and Brian

This is my son in law, he is married to Kaitlyn.  My 1st impression of Brian when he came to pick up Kaitlyn for their 1st date was this is a great guy, kind, polite and respectful.  However, as soon as he left with Kaitlyn I looked at Eric and said "oh boy, Kaitlyn is going to eat him up and spit him out" those of you who know Kaitlyn know what I'm talking about, but those of you who don't,  she is. or I should say she, at that time in her life was not looking for a serious relationship, was going to travel the world, go to school and not get married until she was at least 25.   Brian was a newly returned missionary, and I could see this relationship going no where, especially since Brian was living in Utah and Kaitlyn was a senior in high school--she had already graduated but had not walked with her class yet.  Needless to say, I was wrong and Kaitlyn fell in love and married Brian.  I knew he was truly in love with my daughter when he continued to pursue her, driving from Utah to see her, then when he finally did ask Eric for her hand in marriage, Eric turned him down, in fact he told Brian she was too young and he would have to think about it, for some guys this would be a major red flag turn off, but to Brian it was just a hurdle and he continued to persevere. I finally had to get involved and remind Eric even though she is young she is also 18 years old and can do this with or without his permission, so he needed to either get on board or sit back and watch it happen. 
We love Brian, his parents raised him to be a hard worker and has shown us through his faith in the Lord he is dedicated to being an outstanding husband and someday father. Brian has been in full time school since they moved here and just got accepted to ASU for January session.  We are so proud of him and look forward to seeing him continue to  accomplish his goals.