Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Mormon Myth's and Truths #13

The Mormon church cares more about building its temples and churches than caring for the poor and the needy:

MYTH: Completely Untrue

The LDS Church has a broad mission that includes not only caring for the poor and the needy but three other areas that also bless peoples lives: " Helping members live the gospel of Jesus Christ, gathering Israel through missionary work.....and enabling the Salvations of the dead by building temples and performing ordinances which were discussed in in detail earlier in one of my posts.

While much of the Church's money and assests are consumed in areas not directly involved with caring for the needy, when the LDS church welfare system was established just after the Great Depression, President Heber J Grant said, the Church was to "reach out and take care of the people" no matter what the cost even if it had to go so far as to "close the seminaries, shut down missionary work for a period of time, or even close the temples...They would not let the people go hungry"  I remember talking to my father in law Ray about this, he was living during the great depression and so many families in the world were living without food and water, he specifically told me about this quote the prophet of the LDS church made during that great depression time, he said it saved many families and lives for the church to give all that they had to help the needy and the poor.
In 2011-LDS Presiding Bishop H David Burton (he is the man who oversees temporal welfare matters for the entire Church) said "No matter how many temples we build no matter  how large our membership grows, no matter how positively we are percieved in the eyes of the world-should we fail in this great cor commandment to "succor the weak, lift up the hands which hang down, and strengthen the feeble knees" or turn our hearts from those who suffer and mourn, we are under condemnation and connot please the Lord

More about the humanitarian service the LDS church has provided to those in need, next week
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