Monday, April 1, 2013

Haleigh & Scott Bigelow

It.s always been my dream to have all of my children's receptions in my backyard, Thursday night that was made a reality.  Our youngest daughter Haleigh was married to Scott Bigelow. We now have had all of our children married within 5 years, sounds crazy, but back in the olden days (ha ha) when Eric and I were first married I wanted to have all my children born before I was 30 so we could enjoy them, so they could enjoy being adults with their own children together.

 I can honestly and proudly say I have made oh so many mistakes along the way, raised my voice to many times, wished I had forced them to practice on that beautiful piano Eric bought for that reason, been more patient with everyday messes that truly didn't matter, not worried as much about what others thought and focused more on more important things.  I not always listened, but felt I was the adult and knew more than they did, turns out they are the ones who have now taught me to be a better person and grandmother.

Many people have asked me if I am sad about my last child leaving and getting married, my solid answer is NO.  However, today as I write this post I am teary, I think I am glad the planning stages for the weddings are over, but not having my children around on a daily basis is hard--I want to hear that front door open and the little voices say "mom? where are you?"  I am so blessed, all of my children have not only chosen to marry spouses who's family live within a few miles, with the exception of Brian who's parents live in Utah, however they raised him in Arizona and he has grandparents, aunts uncles and cousins who live here, but who are gentle kind and supportive of them and our crazy family.

Me and My Baby Girl Haleigh Bear


Anonymous said...

Beautiful - bride, Mom, yard.