Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Betty Passes Away

Everyone knows of the love I have for Eric's mom Viola Williams, she was ultimately the single most influential person in my life.  I loved her dearly for her love of the Lord, her testimony of prayer and most of all for her love of family.  Her family ALWAYS came first, once when Eric and I were first engaged she told me if Eric ever came home from work and wanted me to take a ride with him, but I didn't want to because the house wasn't clean and there were dishes in the sink, that I should not think twice about it, leave the dishes and go with my husband, "the dishes will be there when you get home, but tomorrow your husband may not be, and you would of passed up an opportunity to make a memory  . am memory that could be your last"  I've always remembered the day she told me this, where I was sitting, what she was wearing and the smile on her face as she gently reminded me of keeping family a priority.
After Vi passed away, Ray married Betty, a woman from their ward who was single and who Vi was friends with.  This time of life was difficult for a few of the children including Eric, not because Betty was not a great pick for Ray, but more because of the memory they had of their mother and father together.
Yesterday, Betty passed away.  It's 3:55 am I've been up for hours not able to sleep, cleaning my floors, dusting my furniture and thinking of memories we had with Betty (Grammy) her personality was completely different than Viola, but none the less she loved Ray and he was happy, I truly believe if it had not been for the relationship between he and Betty, Ray would of passed much sooner than he did, she kept him in line and she kept him alive.
I'm grateful for the knowledge I have of our Heavenly Fathers eternal plan for Families to be together forever.
My youngest daughter Haleigh is getting married in two days, last night her mother in law and father in law had a dinner party for close friends and family.  Not only was the weather beautiful the words spoken by each person in behalf of Haleigh and Scott were beautiful.  How is it that my youngest is old enough to be married?  This has been an emotional couple of weeks, with Ezra in the hospital,  and now the passing of Betty, I am a little behind on the wedding plans--but I have faith it will all turn out and be a memorable night.
This week our plumbing in the kitchen went out, the freezer went on the blitz (that was a mess) it looked like Jeffrey Daumer had been hiding things in our freezer, and guess who got to clean it all out?
There is something I am really happy about, this is the best I have physically felt in a few years. I will see my oncologist in two weeks with a couple days of tests first then our little visit.  I'm assuming with how I am feeling right now that all will be a good outcome.