Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ezra Ray Was Blessed Today

Kaitlyn asked me, "mom is it weird to see your grandchildren, knowing that your own children created them?"  Oh, yes it is weird, well maybe weird is not the appropriate word, it is a beautiful blessing to the circle of life,  our Heavenly Father has taught us as a perfect circle of love.  I believe our family will be together forever, so it brings great peace to my heart knowing if I live righteously and obey the Lords commandments I will live with these wonderful people forever.  I am thankful for the families who my children have joined, they too have taught their children the importance of having a belief in Jesus Christ and in the power of the Atonement.

Today Ezra was blessed and given a name on which in the records of the church he will be known, Ezra Ray Roussel.  I have listened to many blessings given to babies, but today as Jeremy blessed this sweet baby, no words connected with me more than his.  He blessed Ezra to be a strength to his older brother Recker, blessed him to watch over Recker and teach him.   It will be a blessing to have a brother for Recker, already we see this connection between the two of them.  Recker is extremely soft and gentle with Ezra, it is my opinion Recker has patiently been waiting for Ezra to join us, Recker has been trying to desperately to communicate with his sounds, trying to make them into words, concentrating on each sound.

I so look forward to more grand babies to join our family, and I sincerely hope my children will take traditions and values from both their families to incorporate the best possible family values for themselves--I already know they will be far better parents than Eric and I have been and will instill in their children a stronger healthier bond--this is the traditions of the fathers, for each generation to be better than the last--the best have been saved for the end.  I moving into a new journey and phase of life, a bit hesitant to live up to the task as a grandmother worthy of these beautiful spirits HE entrusted us with, and a bit relieved knowing my children will be so much better than I ever was.