Saturday, June 9, 2012

Salzburg Austria 2012

The subways in germany are extremely clean, no garbage or paper on the the ground, unlike NYC subways where the stinch of urine is most often found along with grafitti and garbage everywhere.
On the train between Munich and Austria the beauty is breathtaking, I'm mezmerized by the lush fields of green--seriously, people live like this?  I thought this was only in movies.  The red roof tops of the homes are spread just far enough apart to enjoy the beautiful spread of green fields that lie between the homes.  The Apls are now in view, just enough snow on the tips to bring a smile to my face.  From where I am sitting I can see a small white church out in the middle of acres of green on everyside. Out every window I'm surrounded by beauty, clean, peaceful and serene.  I can see Recker in my mind running through these open fields of green, no one to stop him, I could just die right now with the thought of him so happy--he loves to play outdoor and here in Austria he could run and play for miles on end--he would enjoy every second with a huge smile and maybe even a giggle. I'm startled out of that thought when the lady with the orange hair gets up to get off the train in Bad Endorg, it looks like a small community, I wonder where she lives, what she is doing and where she has been, then just as fast as she came she was gone out of view never to be seen by my eyes again.
As we move forward the intoxicating beauty continues, it makes me think of my son in law Brian-he would love to explore this, a lake surrounded by small farm homes each with a small fishing boat anchored in the water.  I could see him and Kaitlyn living here, a view of the snow capped Austrian alps to one side and nothing but greenfields and pine trees to the other, a huge herd of cows leisurely eating grass and a horse or two in the stables.----totally Brian.
The Sound of Music is my all time favorite movie--and we are going to visit--I can mark this one off my bucket list today--All I have to say about Austria is it may be my new favorite place to visit.

The Trees where the Von Trap Children hung like
monkeys singing

Von Trap Palace

The Backside of the Palace

Eric trying to be a Von Trap Child

in the garden area

this is the Gazebo where "16 going on 17" was sung
and where Maria and Captain Von Trap danced

inside the Gazebo

The Aby where Maria lived
Today on our little adventure I told Eric this was a wonderful day and made me really happy--


Wendi said...

That is my dream to go there I live that movie as well
You are standing right there UNBELIEVABLE
I am trying not to be jealous
Its not working have a blast girl I will live vicariously through you in this one

Teri said...

I'm so jealous, it looks like you are having so much fun. I want to see more pictures of all the funny people you see. You deserve a break, the wedding was so nice and thanks for the smores, they aren't on m diet, but who the heck cares?

tamy scheurn said...

Monya you are close to where Rhett Served!! He is now been transferred to Milano! But the beauty there is breath taking! I wish I was there with you !! Have fun! Love you!!