Sunday, June 10, 2012

Italy 2012

Eric and I left Munich this morning, not without mishap--while trying to get to the Lufthansa gate we had to take our luggage up an escalator.  Eric went 1st and I followed, when I stepped on pulling my luggage for some reason it did not make it, my arm was twisted up and I did a complete somersault falling down the escalator a few steps, hit my head and knew my leg was messed up.  During all the tumbling I could see a woman running to try to help me, unfortunately just a bit too late--at the same time out of natural instinct Eric was grabbing for me and tumbled also, he ripped his nice pants and had quite an ugly bloody mess on his leg.  After gaining my composure, I stood up and felt as if I was going to faint, throw up or both.  Lifting my pant leg up, I had to peel the skin off my pants and yes there was blood--we looked like quite a pair walking through the airport--thankfully the woman who checked us in at Lufthansa gave me a band aid so I could at least put my pant leg down without getting blood all over my nice linen pants.  As I sat waiting at the gate I couldn't help but wonder if my kids would of laughed or cried seeing what just happened--I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry--it was pretty dramatic, however, on the other hand how often do you see that?  It's just time to laugh--lol
We made it to Venice and once again I am stunned by the beauty of this city on the water.  I will say though, it is not as clean as Germany was.
We walked through a park hidden in a quiet neighborhood, it looked like it was reserved just for local families, I heard the laughter of a child and wanted to see what was going on, I watched as father and son played, the boy looked to be around Recker's age, it reminded me of Jeremy and Recker playing, they both were having so much fun hiding from each other and the little boy squealed with laughter when his dad would find him.  So cute and fun to watch and listen.

Eric's leg--this picture does not do justice to the damage

Eric enjoying the view

much different than Munich--not quite as tidy

I love the vine growing on the side of the building

Good morning Venice


The Wrights said...

Looks so fun, mom! I am real lonely at the house without you guys and Brian. Email me!

Kiersten Hart said...

Love you two! Looks like you're having a great time. Heath and I will have to get you guys to help us plan our trip to Europe!