Thursday, June 7, 2012

Munich 2012

Eric and I arrived in Munich this morning. On our way to our hotel we travel via the train.  It was so nice, green and lush, farm land everywhere.  It immediately made me thing about Dr. Shreiber the one who wrote the Anti Cancer, after his death last July I think about him quite often.  He was European and lived on a farm with houses miles apart from one another, after he received the diagnosis of brain tumor, he did some research and found that in all of the surrounding farms of his childhood rearing he found each home had at least one family member diagnosed with some type of cancer.  In my mind, the farm land I am looking at now as I stare out the window of the train remind me of how he described his upbringing.  Crop dusters were flying over and dusting the farms, this is what brought my mind to him, I wonder if they know the harm they are doing to the enviorment and people living close by.

 Although we are quite exhausted we are determined to see the city today after checking into our hotel we headed out to figure out the bus and train system. Everywhere we look there are lush green trees and beautiful frangrant florals and bushes.  Munich is a quaint and very clean city, the people take pride in keeping it clean and tidy.  I dropped a piece of paper on accident and before I could bend down to pick it up, a woman did it for me then shook her hand at me, as if to say "that is a no no"  I appoligized and continued on with what I was doing.

The parks and gardens here are plush, well taken care of and beautiful.  Holding hands with Eric makes me think about our dear friend Sheldon Cook, who is suffering with cancer right now, he is a humble kind man learning to enjoy his journey with grace and dignity, believe me it is a hard task to do.  I want so badly for he and Kit (my dear friend) and Sheldons wife to experience some alone time together without the constant thoughts of the Villain shattering your brain on overload.  I'm not quite sure how it happens but I'm some how able to forget the Villain,  push through the hip, leg and back pain when I'm in another country with Eric, totally consentrating on walking through beautiful parks hand in hand with my lover boy, nothing on my mind but the beautiful nature God has given us and no one better to share it with then my best friend and eternal companion--seriously do not know what I would do without him.

A girl gets on the train, and of all the places she could of sat she decides to sit next  to me...right away I could smell the BO on her body--and she was a good looking girl, ,wearing normal clothes, but I get her undrarms are hairy...I glance over at Eric and he is holding his nose obviously he smells it too.  I guess this life style is good for some, but for me I think I am not an au natural type of girl--I like to smell good.

Today has been a great day--tomorrow we are off to Austria--the Sound of Music--my favorite movie of all time--looking forward to it--I miss Recker already.

European Patries--my desire

Lunch at a Deli, Eric's desire
guess who gave in?

European chocolate

He ate that sandwich and loved it

Is this America Brand?


Michelle said...

My friend lives in Germany and just went to Salzburg and took the Frauline Maria's bike tour. Check out her blog if you have time but make sure you seems wonderful!

Have fun!