Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Croatia & Madrid

Eric and I loved Croatia so much last year, we decided to spend some time in Dubrovnik again.  Croatia is so beautiful, it is difficult to articulate the scenery and these pictures do not give it justice.  Exploring with Eric is so fun, he always makes me laugh and he is always up for a good time.  One of the days we were in Croatia, the city was all excited about the football game (we, in the USA know it as soccer) this game was really important Croatia vs. Italy.  Eric bought us Croatian jersey shirts, we sat in the middle of the town square watching the game on a big screen TV set up for everyone to watch.  The 1st score was by Italy, the crowd went crazy--I'm glad I don't know how to speak Croatian, I'm pretty sure the shouting was vulgar--sadness filled the center, boos, and squirming in seats, not unlike going to a SUNS game--I leaned over to Eric and said "I wonder what is going to happen when Croatia scores....we have to stay"  not much time went by before Croatia scored... HUGE roars echoed throughout the town center--children running with Croatian flags,  grown men jumping for joy, it was so loud we could not have been happier for them--it was like being in a different world--so much pride for their country--We loved it and walked around with pride in our Jersey's after the game--oh by the way it ended in a tie--kinda a bummer but still so much fun.


tamy scheurn said...

Just a little sad that you are a trader!! :) I can't believe that you both did not have on Italian jerseys!!! Rhett would be so sad!! Please do not tell him that you voted for the wrong team!!! So happy you and Eric had such a fun great time!!
Love you Bon Bon!!!